Apple TV 5th Generation 4K review! SAVE YOUR CASH!
The Apple Event 2017 happened yesterday where the Apple TV 5th gen / generation, iPhone 8 / 8 plus and x / 10 and the apple watch 3rd gen were announced! Todays videos looks at the apple tv 5 vs possible amazon 3rd generation products and android tv box etc! Before the unboxing and full specs review of the apple tv 5th gen, comes my opinion on the announcement at the Apple Event 2017!

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  1. With the 4th gen can I say in to the remote Siri play family guy from Hulu

  2. As a TV device the ATV isn’t anything special. However is you have iPhones, iPads, etc in the home it CAN make sense – especially if you have any HomeKit compatible devices. As a HomeKit hub it works well.

    Individual Apple products might not be the best, but their eco system is without doubt the best.

  3. I purchased the 4k ATV this year as I have had a 4th gen i've been really happy with so got the 4k one for the 4k TV. I can understand issues like KODI etc, although i've never liked KODI after comparing it to Plex and other solutions. I did purchase an App for Apple TV called InFuse, and got the Pro version which supports local streaming of HD audio codecs and blu-ray quality content including 4k, so all the issues you described in this video I've already found solutions for. So with the introduction to amazon prime to ATV, and the App i bought for local streaming i'm pretty close to having one streaming device that can do all my important stuff now. I've had cheaper solutions such as ROKU, and they've worked for the most of the time At the end of the day though, Apple typically has better quality. It's more about finding solutions on the device for what you want and need it to do.

  4. For me was woth it paying the extra money because with itunes i can rent movies 4k hdr ,7.1 sound, for about 5 pounds and all the others only offer 4k when you buy the movie and in 5.1 sound system. So every time i am renting movies with itunes i am saving about 10 pound compared with others. Watching movies in hd 5.1 is not an option for me. Another advantage is that i no longer need to watch movies with black bars on top and botton of the 78 inch screen samsung tv. 4k movies are way too expensive and apple is changing the market with competitive prices. Thanks apple well done.

  5. You make some note worthy arguments on why not to get the Apple TV. BUT as someone whose experimented with Android boxes as well as Amazon Fire TV products, I have a few counter arguments for that. For one, there's a BIG lack of apps on android boxes like the MiBox for example. So many more apps available for Amazon and Apple TV. Now as for the price? I feel you get your money's worth. One of the big problems I've had with Amazon products is processing power and storage space. I feel you get a smoother performance out of Apple TV. And Kodi users? The same problem exists for Fire Stick and Fire TV users… you need to install a third party app to side load Kodi. So in my opinion, it all narrows down to how much are you willing to spend for a better experience? And where does streaming TV fall in your household? Is it the main source of tv viewing or does it just play second fiddle?

  6. Well it's official release date for the new Fire TV is the 25th October selling @ £69.99, New Alexa Echo 2nd Gen @ £89.99 (Shorter in Size 31st October), Echo Plus with built in smart hub £139.99(release date 31st October).

  7. I can't argue that loading Kodi onto Android is easier. However, the only difference in terms of sideloading from the 4th generation to the 5th generation is there is no USB C port in the back of the unit. Therefore you will be sideloading via wifi rather than direclty via a USB port. The rest of the setup is the same.  I am too invested in the Apple platform to move to Android at this point, but if it isnt possible to use Kodi on the 5th generation than I am open to Amazon.

  8. Anyone one who spends money on a apple product in my opinion are mad there over priced and restrictive Android is so much easier to use

  9. I preordered this last week. I have used Roku’s, Amazon Fire TV, or an Xbox One for streaming and apps, but they all lack in features and customer user interface. Products running windows and android never live up. I have to reboot my FireTV 4k box every day or I can’t get simple things like Plex to run etc.

    I cannot wait to get this device in my house so things will actually function as they should. Sadly, more money sucks, but at least the products work properly.,

  10. Or just buy whatever you actually prefer instead of listening to self-righteous guys from the internet that always assume they know everything and are right about everything and everyone should think like they do and do as they do… by the way, you've got exactly the same set of anti-Apple comments under pretty much every single one of your videos. Nice troll-bait ad-revenue business you have here.

  11. I have an iPad Air (which I love) and a 3rd Gen Apple TV which I use to watch content from my iPad or 5K Player on my PC on my TV screen via Airplay. Apart from that I never use my Apple TV. Apple products try to stop you doing what you want to do and are way too expensive. I would never buy another Apple product apart from if my current iPad breaks. A Raspberry Pi is a much better option. Very cheap and, because the operating system is on an SD card, you can easily reload it if/when you mess it up. Kodi works well too. I like your reviews and guides for Kodi but you never seem interested in anything to do with a Raspberry Pi 😞

  12. Android TV boxes appeal to people who want FREE, add KODI, add the extensions and viola! Free PIRATED movies and PPV events. I have seen this first hand and can only shake my head.

  13. If your not part of the Apple eco system I would get something else. I however am part of the Apple eco system tons of movies, tv shows, and music. Just upgraded to a 50" Sony 4k HDR tv, now time to replace my 3rd gen Apple TV with the 5th gen Apple TV.

  14. Seeing that I have actually over 600 iTunes movies, Apple Music and my daily apps (Hulu, Vudu, Netflix, DIRECTV Now, and soon Amazon Prime) are there, in addition to a big chunk of my movies being upgraded to 4K, it's a no brainer for me to also upgrade my Apple TV.

  15. I wouldnt touch one with a barge pole! Facial recognition! LMAO fuck off Apple! Youre not getting biometrics for your New world order shit!

  16. I still more than anything prefer Raspberry Pi for streaming. It's a clean slate as far as what you want to do to it, and not just as far as streaming.

  17. Given that pretty much all 4K TVs are smart TVs, is there actually any added benefit from Apple TV at all? Genuine question

  18. My amazon fire tv stopped working, I'm going to buy apple tv its little expensive but high quality will last longer than any android tv box

  19. IF apple takes market share from Amazon, it will be his 4K movie pricing scheme and greater support for HDR, not the apple tv 4K device itself. Although the support for Dolby vision is a nice touch. If Amazon comes out and matches Apples 4K pricing and provides as many HDR choices, I don't think apple will gain any of the movie rental and purchasing market share from amazon. The ball is in Amazon's court right now and we'll have to see how they respond.

  20. Why don't the iHaters mention the thousands of dollars in free 4k movies we're getting?
    Don't tell me to "save my money" when all my 250+ movies will be upgraded for free. At $199 getting $2750 in free upgrades is well worth it and that's disregarding 4k gaming and other apps.

  21. I'll buy it. I have far to many apple products not to. But mainly I already subscribe to so many things that it won't limit me. I have prime I have Netflix I have all the sports packages I have hbo and stars. This is just another platform to watch what I already pay for. Looking to put it out on the garage tv so I can watch the games with the neighbors.

  22. Buying the iPhone X and the Apple TV 4k because I am a dirty Apple whore

  23. Could you find out what's going on with Elysium for Kodi? Pleaseeeeee

  24. I don't know what I would do with a Apple TV besides add Plex. Love that with my AndroidTV, I can sideload apps that aren't officially supported. They may or may not work, but at least I have the option to try.

  25. I've been around a lot longer than Apple, yet I've never purchased an Apple product. Far too expensive and Apple displays far to little concern for people who purchase their products. For example, almost ever part of Apple computers are built with proprietary components, which makes their products extremely expensive to service, especially for DIYers. Third-party hardware for Apple devices doesn't exist, for the most part, and software is limited. Apple is too full of itself and, to be honest, so are many of the people who purchase Apple products.

  26. Isn't it funny, even windows threw 9 out of the window. Can only guess it's because it's not a visually satisfying number. It's an "almost" number. Almost 10. I think that's the case

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