Apple TV Aluminum Remote Tips / Tricks / Unboxing


  1. Does it work with the DVD player? I need to control my dvd player with the remote

  2. sup guys if you need to pair your aluminum remote to your apple tv check out one of my most recent videos on how to do it very easily

  3. There's two spellings actually, both are correct but aluminium makes more sense. Think about it, lithIUM, sodIUM, plutonIUM. Most elements end in IUM, so the spelling with two Is makes more sense.

  4. @cococohen1122 well PC.. is more built for gaming.. mac provides a better organization of office work and such

  5. I guess I don't get the point of using it with a Macbook unless you are using a larger external screen or projector to do a powerpoint type presentation. Otherwise it seems that the screen would be too small to really see what you are doing especially when searching for music on itunes. It seems like you might as well use the trackpad if you have to get that close to see. Anyone else agree? I love gadgets, but is this one practical?

  6. I'm selling two of these on eBay for £10 about $15, Search "apple silver remote".

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  11. Nice video;) I like the new sleek design, but the packaging is quite minimalistic…

  12. ill grab one soon, just bought my 3 macbook pro this mouth, all up for cash.

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