Apple Vs Samsung Verdict. What Does It Mean?

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  1. Not as many people are buying Apple products, so they are losing money slowly but surely. :D. I was elated when i heard this.

  2. WOW I PHONE 5 ??? Fans waiting for long time in lines just to buy this amazing device , its real smart phone, this is what guys looking for style , applications , music

  3. What did you watch FOX news fuckface?? Samsung didnt get a verdict based on their new devices… The whole thing is about "old" first generation samsung devices such as the first generation of the galaxy phone… The lawsuit was filed over a year ago, the s3 wasnt even out…

  4. Apple are running scared of the top end Android phones, there faster more powerful, bigger screens, un restricted os, not tied into iTunes and being forced to use the phone how apple make you use it. Apple have fallen so far behind in the phone stakes that its all they can do to try and damage samsung/Android because the iPhone can't compete spec wise.

  5. Watch the video "Kirby Ferguson: Embracing the remix" and make your point of view

  6. what would happen when samsung will lose the war against apple? would samsung be history? would android be history? i hate apple with the shitphones and the crap notebooks –'

  7. Apple is genuine is no way. How can you patent a rectangle with rounded corners? All they're trying to do is kill choices and kill the market. Apple sucks. Funny thing is, they're during the company that provides apple with its technology look. Dumbasses

  8. And android was out way before shitphone came out. It was just not that popular at the time. Android has in fact not copied apple. Neither have Samsung…I personally think they do not look the same. Samsungs devices are much more appealing and better to hold, whether it'll be tabs or phones. IPad were not the first to make tablets. Also who ever owns apple products, especially shitphones and shitpads I've found they have become the most arrogant cunts ever

  9. I really do pray apple lose all their money somehow. I have totally boycotted apple well before even the HTC case. Apple do not know to compete fairly. Prices of their products are extremely high. I can get a better product at a lower prices. Fuck apple and there shitty patents. Funny thing is pinch to zoom was out before apple even existed. Anyway. Team Samsung/Android!

  10. What most of apple lovers should understand (and take it seriously) is: apple is clearly trying to impose a technological dictatorship in the US and the world. They must accept that healthy competition is the good way a company manages to be the number one in the market. Play dirty only creates resentment and bad competition (on this occasion a severe drop of 7% in the shares of samsung) Time and technology will speak for themselves. I'm samsung user and before this i used to admire apple. USED.

  11. This is bullshit!!! Apple just can't stand that Samsung has just completely out done them in every aspect!!!

  12. hey, I noticed that my Vizio tv works very much like a Sony tv. I press 3 on the remote and I get channel 3 – same as on a Sony tv and many others … copy cats! Ever notice how much toasters are very much alike? Ever notice how most Blue Ray DVD players are very much alike? Seems like quality and reliability is what separates most popular products today.

  13. team Samsung (whatever) I bought a Galaxy 7.0 Tablet because I can see the screen in sun light. Then I bought a 8.9 inch tablet – I use both while flying airplanes (I'm a pilot). I bought the Galaxy Note phone – the screen is beautiful and I like the 5.3 inch screen size. How much different could Samsung have made the interfaces on these devices? I don't like Apple because Chinese labor is treated quite badly. Other Asian nations are more advanced when it comes to quality of life/human rights.

  14. samsung infringed only patents about mobile device, not for tablets. read the final result of the jury.

  15. @TheCharlieeFoxShow Crack a book. The iPad copied earlier devices itself. There's a contest asking for actual Apple inventions and the closest we are to a winner is the proprietary miniDVI plug.

  16. Our loss of choice is more important than anything else. Great vid Emkwan 🙂

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