Apple Watch & iPhone Charging Dock // Woodworking How To

I made a simple charging dock for my Apple Watch and iPhone.
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(some are better than the versions I own)
– Apple Watch
– iPhone
– SawStop cabinet saw
– Dewalt 20v drill driver combo
– Jet Wood Lathe…


  1. Can you splice the 2 cables together? Also I would like to add an LED to light up where the phone goes so it is easier to see at night, but will be covered my the phone when it is on the charger

  2. With this you can charge your phone while charging your watch while watching every YouTube video ever made all without moving a muscle

  3. Can you do one like this with a wireless charger and make it so it can be hanged onto the wall or stand on table.

  4. brilliant mate ! Great design ! I just bought my first apple watch (4) and having lots of apple kit, I thought Id look for some kind of charging station for my new watch and iphone that I could build myself. This is the best Ive found – I'll be getting on the lathe tommorrow to give a similar version a go ! Thanks heaps !

  5. I really enjoyed this one. Only thing I’d add is a bit more back support of some sort so that I could use it as a desktop charger and still interact with the touch screen without getting some wobble.

  6. I wanna buy that! 😀 would be the perfect present for my hubby <3

  7. Love this man, Ive been pricing out prefabbed Amazon stuff and Id rather take the time to make one. Love the video and your approach. Awesome finished product! ALso the hot glue was sweet..never thought of that

  8. Do you think it would be possible to splice the two cables together to create one cable that charges both devices instead of having to plug two cables into the wall?

  9. Hey Bob love your videos and your ideas can you make a wireless charging pad for your phone

  10. Hey, where do you buy large walnut blocks? I’m struggling to find any

  11. It would be cool if you made it look like r2d2, so that the watch was his eye.😎

  12. If I were you id make a shop and sell your cool creations especially this, the guitar case and the wooden sword would be awesome

  13. Apple cables are garbage. So you'll have to replace eventually anyway.

    Awesome simple project though.

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