The Apple Watch Series 3 Nike+ Edition is finally available. It contains all the other Series 3 updates, as well as exclusive watch faces, and new band options.

~Gear I use~
Camera I use:
New favorite lens for it:
Other great lens:
^But you need this adapter:
BEST affordable lens:
Microphone I use:
Mic stand/boom pole:…


  1. What’s the different between Apple normal series 3 vs Nike plus? Both include barometer to measure elevation right?

  2. Do you have any idea how to set interval beeps on this watch? I added the Runkeeper ap, and set up intervals on it, but using my bluetooth headphones, I could not hear the run/walk prompts. I then went back to my car and got my phone. I was able to hear them once I had my phone with me.

  3. Hi! Nice cover video regarding series 3 apple watch Nike edition+ . i would just like to ask how did you customize the font color and the color of the second hand of the clock into pink cause i don't have it in my watch as a default.. I'm referring to the above featured apple watch nike+ with obsidian black strap??.. Hoping for your positive response! Thank you..☺

  4. Hey,How did you get the guided runs option on your NRC+ phone app because I only have the my coach and QuickStart optionsHow'd you get the guided runs part

  5. the nike … the nike ….. the nike …. how much are you getting payed to say the nike? shut the fuck up. fucking annoying.

  6. omg i have that exact same watch . i just got it yesterday to no lie . it was the very last watch apple had with cellular and all that good stuff . i didnt relize it was so new .

  7. I don't think I will use the cellular service also, but the thing is. The cellular version has 16 gigs of memory instead of the 8 gigs in the GPS version. Is that worth the extra money.

  8. Whats the cost difference between apple watch series 3 alimunuim and apple watch series 3 nike?

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