Unboxing and first impressions of the Series 3 Apple Watch – Stainless Steel in Space Black.

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  1. you'd be a great flight attendant. Not a criticism, your voice would suit that role

  2. Great video! I was planning to upgrade to a SS Apple Watch with the S3, but unfortunately, because the LTE versions aren’t yet available in Finland, I had to go with the basic version again. Oh well.

  3. Hi Andy, I’ve recently bought my SS Space Black, I love it! So one question! In the last minute of the video it seems to have a tinny cover, where do you buy it? Thanks a lot!

  4. Just ordered mine today gets here on Saturday an mine only gps I don’t need cellular thats why i have a phone for haha :p

  5. I couldn’t get used to the heaviness of the SS version, I retuned it for the aluminum version and the 42 mm the difference in weight is huge.
    I just wish Apple would let us exchange band colors if we buy it at the Apple store, or offer just sell without a strap at slightly lower cost.

  6. I’m the opposite. My original stainless steel watch did look very nice but I found it really heavy and it scratched so easily!? I just got the aluminium version of series 3 and it is so light and doesn’t scratch. Each to his own.?✌️

  7. I have a black stainless steel series 3…I’ve only had it a week and I’m contemplating returning it for a gps only space gray and saving myself 300$
    I never turned on the LTE and really only liked the heaviness and look of it but I think maybe the space grey is a very close look I think unless you take it off and look at the underside.

    What are your thoughts on me returning the stainless steel for gps only space grey? Trade in values for each? Ect

  8. hows the weight difference between the aluminium and the SS ? Can you feel the difference whilst working out ?

  9. Congrats! I love my SS Space Black Apple Watch Series 3 and I hope you do too!  I went from a SS with Milanese Loop Series 0 to a Space Grey Series 3 w/GPS and had to return it.  Once you get a SS version, there's no going to an Aluminum version, the aluminum just felt and looked cheap.  I went ahead and bought the Space Black SS with Space Black Milanese Loop this time around and absolutely love it! Yes, it was very expensive, but worth every penny, especially coming from an Apple Watch Series 0.

  10. Does the watch scratch easily?
    I originally planned to buy the gray ceramic, but the black stainless steel looks awesome, but I'd hate to scratch it

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