Apple Watch Series 3: Unboxing & Review! ( Watch 3)

Unboxing Apple Watch Series 3! The New Apple Watch 3 Reviewed and Unboxed. New Features Include Cellular LTE Connectivity, Faster Dual Core Processor, Red Digital Crown & Altimeter.
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  1. Perfect video 😃⌚️👍. Love my Apple Watch Series 3 . Love you Videos😊. Have a great weekend . Cheers from Denmark

  2. Don’t buy a ceramic apple watch. There’s a design flaw with the material and they won’t admit it. If it shatters, they will not cover with Apple care.

  3. What about an I6 running 8.1.2?
    Can I make use of an iWatch 3?

  4. Can someone answer me? Online I want to buy an apple watch cellular. They say it's in the box with a picture but I don't know if it says cellular on the box so I won't buy it.

  5. The red crown is the Apple Watch equivalent to the antena bands, you need them for LTE to work.

  6. dont talk as much, youre redundant and not getting through the subject; youre milking the video

  7. how come some people receive a big box and others get a smaller one ????? Please respond because I want the bigger one but I’m scared to get the smaller box

  8. for some people that have at&t something goes wrong and have to call at&t and it won't work some times

  9. apple watch cellular service is not available in my country…so if i buy apple watch series 3 cellular plus gps….and only use gps and setup later for cellular service when it is available….is it possible…in apple watch series 3 cellular plus gps….

  10. So can you use the series 3 with out setting up the cellular function because I’m buying one with this feature and in Australia where I am you can only use the one number cellular feature if you are a post paid customer and I’m not I’m prepaid but it is meant to be coming to prepaid customers in the future and I would like to use it then so I’d like to know if I can set up and use the watch without the cellular feature till then , and once it is available can I just set up the cellular feature at that later date or will I have to reset and set the watch up again from the beginning ? The reason is Because I’d rather have the function there and not use it till then , than having to sell one Watch to get the watch with the cellular feature down the track and loose money on one and fork out more on another.Please can you help

  11. Hey Tanner, I am using a 256 GB iPhone 7 Plus on Straight Talk, by me getting a new Series 3 cellular watch does that mean I will have to switch carriers do you think? Thanks!

  12. do a giveaway of the apple watch series 3 tanner 🙏🏻

  13. I absolutely hate the red crown and see no legit reason for it, but other than that it’s a really nice watch. I’ll be sticking with my series 2 though. I’m still really happy with it. Thanks for doing this video, Tanner! <3

  14. Sir I will pay for the courier.. can u give me your old iPhone 7/7plus .. please please.. I am desperately trying to get an iPhone.. please

  15. Way too many full length commercials that are much louder than your voice. Great video but I just can’t handle that many long commercials.

  16. I got space gray 42mm lte, it's super quick compared to my series 0. I kind of miss the SS though…and fuck the red dot, angela Aaron's doing for sure because she's worried about her sales associates getting them from the stock room!

  17. Apple just keeps cheaping out. They got rid of the plastic box for the Apple Watch that was found in the series 2 stainless steel models.

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