Apple Watch Series 4 – Fitness and Health Review

The Apple Watch Series 4 may be the best smart watch on the market, but is it the best all around fitness tracker? Watch this review and I’ll give you my opinion on the latest Apple Watch Series 4 and it’s health and fitness features.

The fitness trackers and products I use:

Garmin Fenix 5X

Garmin Vivoactive HR

Scosche RHYTHM+ Heart Rate Monitor

Polar H7 Bluetooth Chest Strap HR monitor



  1. I got mine Apple Watch 4 in black SS Color and it’s my 1 st also new iPhone X max 512 gig big one. I really love the new apple stuff yes it very expensive for me but if I use it to help me out and Heath it’s well worth it. I had a full knee surgery replacement and bulging disc 4-5 top to bottom carpal tunnel surgery done 2 weeks ago
    I am sure that it would be most helpful to all. Thanks for the review

  2. Just picked it up yesterday. Switched to Verizon and got iPhone 8 for wife and I and a series 4 watch for both of us as well

  3. Would you say the calories burned and the heart rate reading for the series 4 is just as accurate as the apple watch series 3? those two are all i usually care about

  4. Your reviews are always the best and the most detailed just what I wanted to see. Thank you for covering so much detailed!!

  5. Swimming not so accurate. I bought my watch last week and swam with it a few days. I swam over 1.5 miles total comparing each day and I also had a polar chest and watch to compare, special interest in HR. It was not accurate but maybe good enough? Maybe I’ll do a video on it?

  6. I noticed you have a whoop on. Since the iwatch is so accurate, do you find yourself utilizing the whoop less? I was going to cancel my whoop because the hardware feels cheap and it doesn’t connect to MyFitnessPal. I like just solely wearing my iwatch

  7. I use the scoshe rhythm + with my series 4. So with this would you suggest I just use the watch instead of the external heart rate monitor? Love your videos

  8. You said that AW 4 has the most accurate optical sensor you've ever had, but you already had said almost the same words for Mio Fuse and Mio Alpha 2 ! Years ago Mio already succeeded it. I think both fuse and alpha 2 have still the most accurate sensor in the market. I dunno why they disappeared.

    You should have tested it against a chest strap. Yes, it seems accurate but still not reacts as fast as a chest strap. You finished performing bench press on 4:41, walked towards cam, focused on the watch on 4:51, and the watch can only managed to capture the current heart beat on 4:54. So, it took totally 13 seconds for the watch to react the heart rate elevation. Is it good ? If you test mio fuse and AW4, you'll see which one reacts faster. Sorry but this time your review smells some advertising.

    Yes, good watch, pretty accurate sensors (gps, heart rate). But despite not having always on display, battery life is terrible. Design is really not good.

  9. Great review! Very helpful for me to understand the Series 4 tracking capabilities! Thank you! Looking forward to the 3rd party apps review.

  10. So i bought the watch after watching this video only to be so disappointed. If ur doing anything in the gym,
    Dont bother, its just as bad as all the previous ones. After a heavy set to failure, it shows 60 bpm and stays around there till ur almost good to go for the second set . Waste of money for gym…

  11. Would love to see the third party app reviews. Subscribed. Can't wait!

  12. Which band is better for using it in normal day activities? Sport band or sport loop? Thanks for answer

  13. I would concur about the strength training. I notice only a slight one second lag in HR with any muscle flexion. I’ve used Garmin and Fitbit in the past and this is the best optical rate sensor reading I’ve experienced.

  14. Can you turn off activity tracking while driving??

  15. Hello!

    I have a question : )
    I was interested in buying the original Apple Watch for measuring my heart rate during my High-Intensity cardio sessions. Unfortunately I was told that it was not only inaccurate in measuring heart-rate but equally importantly it did not have a 'Continuous' heart rate sensor/feature.
    After viewing your video I see you mention it now has an accurate heart rate sensor however I did not clearly see you mention if it has the ability to Continuously display heart rate or it only measures when you flick your wrist?

    Thanks for your review.

  16. I have a Series 2 and I always have problems with too much sweat on the wrist which influences the heart rate sensor. Is that any better on the new Apple watches? Thats why I am using an armband for the biceps

  17. What kind of Apple Watch strap is great for wearing when swimming is involved?

  18. Loved your review and subscribed because of it. Read all the comments and have looked online but can not find anywhere if it is recording at 1 second intervals for GPS. Do you know?

  19. One of the most worthless piece of “Activity Watch” out on the market is Apple Watch. If anyone is serious about activity tracking, they’d go with either Garmin or SUUNTO. Even POLAR is better choice than Apple Watch. Pathetic battery life and hard to use touch screen when you are wet makes it a NO GO. Who cares about ECG sensor. Seriously? your money is better spent on other choices.

  20. Great review! And you always put the various optical heart rate monitors through rigorous testing to verify their accuracy. So if you say the optical heart rate monitor in Apple Watch series 4 is now as accurate as a Polar chest heart rate monitor then one can take that to the bank.

  21. im in love with my series 4, but I found that battery is very inconsistent. somtimes by the end of the 2nd day(11pm) im at 27% battery, and other days im at 0% battery by 9pm. 🙁 but that's just a small inconsistency that might be solved by just setting the watch up as new

  22. I can't wait for the "third party apps" follow up, mate :-}
    Can I use an Apple Watch just with a 12.9" iPad PRO (Without any iPhone)? I'm very tempted to get a Series 4

  23. Great video, probably the best ive seen related to the heart rate… would be good to do a comparison video between the series 3 and series 4 when it comes to the gym lag times.

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