Apple Watch Series 4 has just been released! So many features to discuss so here’s everything you need to know!

iPhone XS & XS Max Released – Everything you need to know!


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  1. Update. The Apple Watch Series 4 doesn’t notify you when you’re about to fall. I sends you a notification when you have fallen, and asks you if you want to call your Emergency Number

  2. Oh wow… I’m so sorry about your aunt. Mine fell on her sleep and hit her head and never woke up. Crazy how things happen 🙁

  3. I have already pre-ordered the silver aluminum series 4! Can't wait for it to come in!

  4. i bought a apple watch series 3 on labor days and on the last day to return it . i returned it just so i could pre-order the series 4 .
    Im so interested to see the larger screen and etc .

  5. … so stupid … you have to buy … at least … 2 watches …

  6. Will the watch face on series 4 be available for series 3s? Looks amazing!

  7. i want the cellular version but my carrier doesnt support apple watches so i just have to hope that soon they are able to support the watch because i dont think my moms gonna let me change carriers and i really want a series 4 watch

  8. I just ordered my Series 4 space gray stainless steel. Upgrading form Series 1 I can't wait.

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