Apple Watch Sport Rose Gold & Gold Colors – Unboxing & Comparison

NEW Rose Gold Apple Watch Sport & Gold Colors. Unboxing & Comparison Review. Beautiful Colors!


  1. I feel like that $100 dollars in the band paper was fake (not the money)I think he put it there

  2. Just seen this video and I'm asking if the money inside the strap box is still available in the new watches? Or was it something you just put in the box for fun!!

  3. All these tards in the comments who think the 100 dollars is real, y’all stupid a fucc

  4. I know how you feel about the on boxing it feel so cool I just got the opportunity to unboxed and iPhone 6 at Christmas

  5. Is that $100 real? Cause i wan't to know if should i buy an Apple Watch 3 or an Apple Watch that has Sim Slot and even camera.

  6. EverythingApplePro ok so my dad has the 7000 series space gray 42mm. I opened the box to see if the $100 is real. It isn’t. So were you lying to your viewers or is that rebate only available for the Rose Gold Apple Watch? I really wanted to find an Apple Obsessed YouTuber I can trust.

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