One of Apple’s biggest competitors in the laptop space is arguably Microsoft, with its line of portable, productivity-focused Surface Book machines. Microsoft in November released its newest product, the Surface Book 2, a 2-in-1 PC that has quite a few selling points to entice Apple customers.

In our latest YouTube video, we took a look at the 15-inch Surface Book 2 and compared it to the 2016 15-inch MacBook Pro across a number of categories including build quality and design, key…


  1. I like both but to be honest Microsoft surface book 2 made my life so much easier!!! I love it!!!!!

  2. There where some honest points here but overall this review was a complete garbage.

  3. I'm probably going surface 2 book although I'm a happy macOS user. However, one point in favour of Apple some tech geeks are missing is that speed and performance is not everything. Compare 5 years old devices to one another and you will understand what I mean…

  4. Who the fuck keep all those detaches from surface pro ? It looks like a shit. Cheap plastic from the company which ships junk. Nono object oriented OS

  5. I bought the base Surface Book with the larger hard drive (256 Gig) and I'm very impressed with it. $1200 and I never have to worry about dust completely rendering my keyboard useless (this is the biggest reason I passed on the Macbook Pro).

    In the future I might buy a Macbook Pro, but honestly right now the Surface Book 2 is the more agile device.

  6. I am a Mac user. But even I find this review ridiculous. MBP is now an old design and even with my 2018 unit, they do not compare in performance. I have the i9 2018 MBP15 and Surface 2 would outperform it in many practical ways. You can still like Macs and admit that others are good too.

  7. 3:20 how about using the wallpaper for comparison's sake??? The Surface Book 2 overall is the best of the two.

  8. You think the MacBook has a sharper display? I've heard the opposite from basically everyone else. This seems backwards as the MacBook is lower resolution, as well as larger, giving it a significantly lower PPI.

  9. For my area of studies – engineering – there is absolutely no competition. With many of my classes like math, physics, and geology, in which I need to take notes and draw diagrams, neither of which can be done with a keyboard and mouse/trackpad.

  10. I have SURFACE 1 with GPU and it is getting very very hot in minutes!! Its even tooo hot to hold it in hands even in a tablet mode with just web surfing! Is it normal?? I am not sure how long it will work like that, besides I read it got 1/10 for the possibility of reparing. ;((((

  11. "All the main horsepower is located in the base" Well, graphics card and part of the battery, yes. Processor power and so on is just the same (e.g. you won't see any difference streaming video, browsing or using office programs when detached).

  12. ALL THE REAL HORSEPOWER IS DEDICATED IN THIS BASE; ARE YOU KIDDING ME? DUUUUDE, the CPU is powerfull as well and as fuck which is in the SCREEEN, NOT THE BASE. For fuck sake, its not only the GPU making it powerful. Holy shit…

  13. You feel like the text is sharper, but you dont really know it I guess. DONT listen to this bullshit, the Display of the Surface Book is sharp as fuck.

  14. Most of you guys who trash apple are fucking retarded. I use both window and apple and would say that apple, despite being set at a higher price point, is much more reliable than window devices. I bought three windows laptop ranging from dell, asus, and microsoft and they all had a lot of major issues that had to be returned. I decided to buy the more expensive macbook pro and it hasn't given me a single problem. Sure the specs to price ratio on apple devices aren't as good as windows, but it is much more reliable in terms of quality and this is something a lot of apple haters tend to overlook.

  15. In reality you really can't compare the two because ones a computer and I don't know what the Apple is. The best thing about Apple is it can run Windows.

  16. I really dislike it when reviewers talk about "the average consumer" when reviewing devices thats specifically made for a certain group of professionals. And talking about the display quality, while not showing the same damn background picture, is also misleading.

  17. I can never own an apple laptop because of the lack of ports. Everything I do on my laptop is regular USB. I don't want dongles. Apple remove the head phone jack from their phones and leave it on their laptops. Remove the ports from their laptops and leave them on iMac. It is an absolute shit show.

  18. I know I am splitting hairs, but it is not a PC. Yes I know it is a personal computer, but let's face it it is a laptop. It's like calling a calculator an abacus, yes they are very similar in what they do, but one is more complicated than the other.

    P.S. Have to say I liked your review, well thought out and very fair. Thank you Sir.

  19. loving something unnecessary large like the apple track pad… wow wtf how biased can you be man. if you're going to make solid reviews, be honest. people will look at you for honest opinions.

  20. funny how you would use a low contrast image to show just how low-contrast the surface book screen is 😀

  21. So there reason that connector is still there is since its creation of that connector Microsoft has made a docking station for it that is a really nice hub, but very expensive. If someone already had one this machine is backwards compatible but if you dont have one you can get a usb c hub instead. I suspect it will be disappearing in the next generation or so.

  22. Honestly an Awsome review. Really aimed at the average user, very informative and doesn't get bogged down with specs. You've gained a subscriber.

  23. In terms of innovation the surface pro makes the MacBook look as innovative as a knife and fork.

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