Apple’s New Cheap iPad with Apple Pencil Support vs iPad Pro – My Thoughts

How does the new cheap iPad compare to the iPad Pro? I’ll tell ya.
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  1. I have an ipad 5 and the Apple Pencil is not pairing what should I do

  2. I'm preparing for Economy Master Degree so i guess this ipad will be good for Ebooks, searching, and taking notes or what!

  3. I got ipad 6gen, i dont have apple pencil but i still love it. It’s amazing for school since i don’t carry any books and take notes on pages by typing them. Sure Apple Pencil would be fun for drawing but i could easily do without it.

  4. My school have 4 iPad pros in the grade and everyone takes them but we use chrome books now it’s way better

  5. the only thing you didn't say was the only reason i watched this video. I wanted to know if the pencil's pressure sensors are the same as the pro

  6. And us mini users that everyone thinks dont exist. I hope they keep the mini line and add pencil support. I prefer a small tablet to a collossal phone, which is apparently nonesense to most people

  7. The iPad Pro 10.5” is too expensive in Australia. So I’m just planning on getting the iPad 2018

  8. Hi ! I wanted to ask my birthday is coming up and I I’m not sure if I should get the 2017 iPad Pro or if I should wait for the new iPad Pro? Would it be worth the wait, would it come out this year and would it be over the $1,000 mark?

  9. 5:16 I thought you had dropped the ipad for a sec, made my gut come out! lol

  10. I would just like to clarify, are there 9.7 inches iPad released in 2017 and another 9.7 inches iPad released in 2018 or are we talking about here only one device when we speak of new cheap ipad? I wanted to know if the 2017 supports apple pencil but looking online i cannot find a blunt and very straightforward answer. Please enlighten me

  11. The skateboarding animations behind you aren’t synced and it’s triggering me

  12. I bought that iPad and I’m so impressed and exactly ipad is sale for $247 that’s why i buy that iPad 😊😊😊

  13. If you’re a college student, I would still recommend the Pro. I love mine, I haven’t touched my laptops in a year.

  14. This is a very detailed review. I really appreciate the insight, especially as a student going into unit on a budget. Great job!

  15. I love your video
    Here in Kenya i am trying to get it but its kindaa expensive for people like me …😞😞😞

  16. I am just 10 my dad said he we buy me a ipad if i do will at school sos i did now want my dad to buy that ipad but if he cant it is ok for me if he does not buy it

  17. I really want this but I feel like there is many accessories I would need to get used to

  18. Ipad mini 4- A8 processor 128 GB storage 2GB Ram, price- $399
    Ipad(2018)- A10fusion 32 GB Storage 2GB Ram, price- $329, 128GB-429…….Apple's logic!! Ipad Mini 4 should cost 250 or less

  19. Is it available in stores already?
    Or did it just launched recently? 😅

  20. I purchased a brand new sealed space grey 32gb iPad air 2 at target tonight for $119. The employee found it in the apple case while looking for something else entirely.. after I asked the price I purchased it immediately!

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