After Apple unveiled Animoji when the iPhone X debuted last September, Samsung introduced its own version, the more human-like and customizable AR Emoji.

Not to be outdone, Apple in iOS 12 introduced Memoji, a new version of Animoji that can be customized to look just like you. Given the similarities between AR Emoji and Memoji, we thought we’d compare the two and give our readers an idea of what to expect when iOS 12 launches this fall.



  1. But the memoji doesn’t look like you ?..

  2. Im not that interested on any of these feats but the AR emoji is so garbage compared to animoji 😂

  3. Yea when I tried the Samsung version on my note 9….. That thing is ugly!
    Apple's mimoji looks more simplistic and actually pleasing to look at.
    I don't use it anyways, but still, apples is better to look at.

  4. I hate to say this because I own a galaxy s9 and I love Samsung but ar emojis sucks ass. I get what they was trying to do but they should have took their time with it and ran more tests before adding it

  5. So despite the arguments between which phone is better…is anyone else noticing the bot about a hacker or it really doesn't matter.

  6. Apple is way better I use to have the galaxy it capture ur face spot on but it lags and glitches when you talk the mouth of the emoji dont match up

  7. Galaxy looks so Garbage😂 and this is coming from a long time Galaxy user. But I mean…Galaxy still is better than iPhone overall 🤷🏽‍♂️

  8. Samsung ar emoji fucking sucks and no i'm not an apple fan i just got my gs9 today

  9. Samsung copies Apple and Samsung’s AR emoji is so so so CREEPY Apples is not creepy and apples animojis are so CUTE!!! I deserve 🍎Apple’s Apnimojis

  10. Apple and Samsung have your voice, your messages, your location, your health stats and now your face.

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