Do you ever wonder how good those cables being sold at gas stations are? How about those lightning cables that are a fraction of the cost of the Apple ones? Do you know what a MFI certified cable is? Does it matter?

Now I’ve never really given any thought to the cables that charge my devices because I’ve never lost a cable nor and out of all the years of using iPhones, the only time I’ve gone and bought cables is for this video.

So does it matter? The short answer is yes. But the…


  1. YES. I’ve bought cables from the gas station for $5 and they worked for about 4 days each and then just quit working for NO reason.

  2. I get my cables from 5 below “U Youse” brand they last a long time durability wise

  3. By far the very best and informative review and guideline of lightning cables. Great and big thanks!!

  4. One thing i notice with these uncertified cables is when I charged my iphone se with a uncertified one the battery was very bad
    When i bought a expensive but certified cable the battery started lasting a long time

  5. I got popup this accessory may not be supported on my IPhone se with original adapter and cable what was in box LOL sorry for my bad english im from poland

  6. i tested old and new cables from fuel station and “genuine” ones from E bay,and is huge different! genuine can charge 5v/1.45A(apple,belkin) “genuine”from ebay apple and belkin 5v/0.45A!! so its massive different! never ever i will buy charge cable or charger from E bay or fuel station.Yes it’s worth pay bit more for correct and quality charge cable/charger plug.

  7. I watched this video because I was hoping to find out what type of metal is actually used to make the cablle. I think I may have come to an uneducated deduction that the lightning cable were made with silver and the regular ones were made with copper. Because I read somewhere that silver conducts electricity better than copper. SOOOOO… I took one apart and OMG! The metal is so sparkly and shiney; I started thinking of all kinds of art projects I could do with it.. i.e. jewelry, nail arts. But here in lies my delimma. I need to find out if the metals are safe or not???? If anyone can help me out it would be awesome… Thanks. Great video btw, very informative and well thought out in structure. 😀👍

  8. Thanks! I must say, I felt vary confused by the end of your video; I wanted to give this video a "thumbs up" but didn't want that vote to be counted as an endorsement for a bad cable

  9. I found the $14.99 Belkin lightning cables you can get at Walmart to be really really good. Thick, bulky braided cable, good support for the cable on the ends. That thing just about stays in place like a giant pipe cleaner..

  10. i've got the gas station cable. indeed, purchased at a shell station on the shore of long island sound. 7.99 and an ice cold beer 1.75 got me both items for 10.75 or so. i left the included nylon tag/bar code tag on mine: Cables that Work it says. i chose electric blue braided nylon with little black and teal checks. the apple charging cord for my only apple possession finally needed to be bent a certain direction to charge my first gen iPad mini. it has the convenience of an added amount of length, as you show on your post [four feet,] and I've found it to be quite robust and durable. not to mention, kind of slick and attractive with the neato braiding. my iPad has charged reliably since i got it, and i'm convinced that the quality of 5V charging modules has more to do with charging lithium cells than the cords. i had no idea there were chips inside of these cords. wow.

  11. Cable quality matters for any type of phone. I got a noname cable for about 5 $ when I forgot to bring a cable for charging my android phone from a car charger (the charger had quickcharge 3.0 ) and surprise the phone actually discharged while running waze, when I changed the cable it was charging reasonably fast even with waze running. Low/questionable quality cables while they might seem cheap they're just money thrown out the window

  12. Instead of discharging the phone then recharging it, you could have used a usb tester, its easier and convenient

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