Battery Replacement OPPO N1

Cara membongkar casing OPPO N1


  1. Hi Harmin, where can i buy a oppo battery, my phone charges but when i turn it on, it torn it off, do you think the battery is dead?

  2. Hi I am writing form Mexico. My question, how can I have more memory? I have in system storage only 247mb. Can you make a video to have more memory in oppo n1? Or tell me how to do it? Thanks

  3. can we put (replace) mi battery in oppo a57?? can we modify it?? will there be any problem??

  4. gan, kalo caj gak masuk2 apa masalahnya gan?usb port masih bisa diguna, kalo nk masuk recovery mode harus usb nya dikonek duluan,kalo gak,hp nya gak bisa d on,emang ini masalah bateri jugak? atau masalah firmware, firmwarenya firmware ori gan, mohon pencerahan

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