Best Sleep Tracker App on Apple Watch iPhone | Pillow v.s. AutoSleep

Apple Watch World Video Review for AutoSleep (Best Sleep Tracker):

The Best Sleep Tracking App Comparison and Review
I tested Pillow ($4.99) and AutoSleep($2.99) for sleep tracking feature, comparing their User Interface, User Experience, Tracking Data accuracy and Adjustments.


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  1. I use the auto sleep tracking bundle it has been pretty accurate compared to actual sleep study’s I have had done 3 different times it was spot on

  2. The Auto Sleep costs 3.49 euro (4.00 USD). So the price difference is not so much anymore. At least here in Finland or Europe.

  3. I have Pillow because it has the very very important feature: SOUND RECORDING. It tells if you snore or wake up because of ambient noise etc. I don’t understand why you belittle the sound recording as it is one of the most important factors when you try to find out why you wake up many times a night. It also tells if you tattle something sensitive when asleep which you don’t want your wife to hear or so. =) Anyway, I’ll buy the other one too. Wonder if you are able to run both together?

  4. Still on the fence to get Apple Watch 4 or not, I am not a runner or gym guy, sleep/heart monitoring is what I think will be more useful for me. This is the video I was looking for, so thanks !!

  5. POOR GUY, you are not sleeping much. Cut out all the coffee, tea, colas, chocolate, and try to do something really boring before sleeping.

  6. Autosleep does nothing for people working off shift as the only hours you can select are from 5pm to midnight.

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