BEST WIRELESS CHARGERS for the NOTE 9, Galaxy S9/9+, iPhone X, and more!

What is the best wireless charger for the Samsung Note 9, Galaxy S9, Apple iPhone X, Galaxy S9+, iPhone 8, and many other Android devices? There are many Qi Wireless options out there, but which wireless charger is the fastest? How good is the build quality, and what is the best one for the price? Let’s find out!

– RavPower Wireless Charger:
– Aukey Wireless Charger:
– Spigen Wireless Charger:…


  1. Nice review on these wireless chargers. One point I would like to see in these reviews is the positioning of the phone to charge. How hard is it to line it up. I have a Note9 on the Samsung EP-PG950 and getting it placed just right is a pain and sometimes it will start and stop charging shortly after placing it. I do have a case but it was the Samsung military grade. case which shouldn't interfere with charging.

  2. I clicked your link to the rAV but it is a 7.5w and not the 10w. So it appears to be a link to something not as powerful as what you showed in this video? Im confused.

  3. Anker seems cool but with those bright lights, it woule be annoying as u are trying to sleep. Would light up the whole bed.

  4. Do wireless chargers affect a phones battery life and how does it compare with wired charging?

  5. Can I get the phone to do "heavier" tasks and the wireless charger hold up without me losing my battery?

  6. I’m looking for a small, light, and square wireless charger (as small and light as it can be, hopefully 2” for each side or less) to integrate into a possible self made wireless charging holder idea. Of course, I’m not very experienced yet and I don’t have access to materials other than the easily accessible ones. My plan is to use bended paper clips and hot glue as my main frame and sliding guide bars among others. Rubber bands will be my main source of energy activation. For example, placing a phone onto a horizontal, fixed elastic band tries to pull itself towards the displaced area to accommodate for the stretched area. My plan is to have one end fixed, while the other pulling a suspended wire frame across guide wires to push the wireless charger towards the phone. I have an IKEA wooden phone holder and all the necessary materials except the charger. It would be nice to have a small 10 watt output charger but a 5 watt would do fine. I hope that you guys can give me suggestions, as I have searched far and wide on the web, but couldn’t find something that is suitable. Thanks!!

  7. Please suggest me Best Fast Wireless Charger for Samsung S9 Plus which is available in India..

  8. The RavPower was good in the beginning. Worked great but for some reason every few weeks a layer of sticky residue built up on the rubber which I believe it effected its ability to charge my Galaxy 9.

  9. do you think the ravpower is better than the samsung wireless charger? (overall based on speed, functionality, and value)

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