BLU VIVO X Unboxing & Initial Setup

BLU VIVO X Unboxing

In this video I unbox the BLU VIVO X. The VIVO X comes with a 6.0 720p 18:9 display. You can pick up the Vivo X on Amazon for $249. I will leave a link below. I will also leave the full specs down below. Please don’t forget to hit that subscribe button for more coverage on the BLU VIVO X.

Amazon Link:

18:9 720p display

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  1. Problem is, the link goes to a used VivoX for over 400.00
    There are no BLU VivoX phones on Amazon other than the one. And I can not find this phone new anywhere.
    How can BLU have a brand new phone out but it can not be purchased new any where.
    If you go to the BLU website it goes to the same Amazon link with the used 400+ dollar phone.
    Not good.

  2. It runs Android Nougat. And you're expecting an Oreo update. Good luck with that! Their attitude is: You want Oreo? Buy our Oreo handset! We don't do updates!

  3. I have owned 3 different BLU phones. All those goodies come with every blu phone. Your really do get a lot of phone for not a lot of money. im getting this one when i get some cash.

  4. The Blu phone makes me realise Apple iPhone is a rip off…I'd buy this any day, infact Im actually gonna buy it now!!!!

  5. Enjoyed the unboxing, but I can't do BLU phones anymore just on moral principle. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚

  6. Good video! I look forward to the full review! I’m a fan of the 18:9 ratio! To win over some fans Blu should have kept it at $200 imo!πŸ‘

  7. Watching this on my lovely Essential Phone… Lol… Great video bro… Phone looks nice but that 720p yuck … Games will look like crap

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