BLU has officially launched its latest budget smartphone, the Vivo XL2. It features a 5.5-inch 1280×720 display with Corning Gorilla Glass 3, quad-core MediaTek 6737T processor with 3GB RAM, 13MP rear camera, 8MP selfie camera, 32GB internal storage, 4G LTE, 3150mAh battery with quick charging and a premium sunburst mirror pattern design. For $150 off-contract, do you think the Vivo XL2 is worth it?

BLU Vivo XL2 on Amazon ($50 off for a limited time):

BLU Life Max:…


  1. It's counter productive to put a speaker in the back of the phone when people tend to hold them and use cases. I'm just sayin" ¯_(ツ)_/¯ I like your reviews on these phones, they are informative and entertaining.

  2. blu vivo xl 2 i have own for about 6 months its was going great until it started malfunction changing screen on its own and sticking and i dont see any way to removed the back cover much more the battery .battery life is excellent with this phone

  3. Question: Can this Phone work with Straight Talk……… I have a Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime(2yrs) and its very laggy with only a 1gb Ram Phone, it was good when I first got it, but after all the time I had it then and now, its kind of slow lol any offers…..I just saw this phone, if it doesnt work with Straight Talk, I'll keep searching then c:

  4. I inserted the sim from my old phone, but now the sim card is stuck in the tray; I can't get it out with tweezers; how do you remove the back of the xl2? I don't see a way to remove it. My last phone was Blu studio c 5+5. Much easier to open. I can't figure this one out, and I need to get the sim out so I can put in a nano sim instead. Basically I'm dead in the water and will have to return the phone if I can't get it fixed.

  5. I bought this phone and after a few months the screen started to act funny like my other three blu phones still on warranty but I will be with out a phone while in repair.

  6. phonedog, hello sir, question, what is your review on BLU studio XL2 6.0" 4900 mAh battery?

  7. Any issues with dropped calls? I have the BLU Studio XL2 and have issues will calls dropping. Very annoying. thanks

  8. he said that there is no app drawer, but….. what the hell did I just look into my eyes… there is an app drawer.

  9. what kind emojis does it have ( I have never had a Blu phone

  10. Haha first I thought he said that there's no AppStore but it turned out he said. No app drawer I was like WOOoOoOoOoOoTTT

  11. This phone cost atleast 6k+ it really damn worth of it unlike oppo joy 3 have more expensive price of atleast 6.4k+ with atleast 1GB ram and 4GB of storage with the remaining of 1-2GB due to system storage. I should have thinked more because the vendor said it can run GTA S.A but sadly that game can't even fit throught the storage and when I tryed Call of duty on my phone it tottaly lags so basically I got scammed. so people before you buy a phone dont get attract by it looks you must be attract to the good specs.

  12. why??? why??? all the fu…. phones with nice specs, ARE 5.5..where is the 5 inch screen sizes..THAT IS WHAT I WANT!!!1

  13. You say the sound quality be tinny but what about when you use headphones?

  14. Blu offers some awesome phones for the price. I had a vivo xl but when I decided to download the new software update, my phone shut off and died. They however gave me the studio max as a replacement. the xl is a decent phone.

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