Bursting Redmi Phones for Diwali? The Truth Behind Xiaomi Phones Heating Issues!!!

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In this video, we talk about the myth “Xiaomi Phones are prone to overheating” that’s been around for years now.

Xiaomi launched many budget phones in 2018, all of which sport chipsets that are manufactured on the 14nm or the 12nm FinFET technology.

Redmi 6A, Redmi 6, Redmi 6 Pro, Redmi Note 5 Pro,…


  1. xiaomi phones get warm not hot…cause its made of metal mostly not like cheap plastic that competition provides

  2. Brother, can you please tell me how important is NFC in a phone since I am not seeing this feature included in new launched phones. I own a Moto G5 plus for last 1 n half year but never felt the need of it.

  3. my cousin uses a redmi 4a he plays music,turns his brightness to its highest while playing pubg all in same time with a thick cover on it and asks me why his phone heats up??
    I just say him ,thanks to mi u r not dead

  4. Nice explaination dude ? just start a tech channel in Tamil . I will be your first subscriber?

  5. I still use my Redmi 1s . till now no lags , still the better looking photos ,especially selfies

  6. One that companies think.. We don't need seperate ports to listen to music while charging.. we do just include a dongle if removing headphone jack

  7. You are an intellect brother… Don't try to make comedy which is not your area of expertise… You give us brainy intellect way of presentation

  8. Don't know why people say shit abt Mi ? M using Mi phones frm a long time now , it's my 3rd phone( Rn5p) nd running clean without any heat or any problem , m using one plus now but I do use Rn5p nd even after 6 hrs of gamin it's running better than other phones.

  9. All the smartphone manufacturers trying to make their smartphone thinner , but do you think with the sliding and foldable smartphone the thinner is better trend is going to disappear… And by the way Sundar display is going to be Foldable Sundar display.?

  10. Bro.. Tamil'la Channel open pannuga bro.. Nanga support panrom

  11. You shouldn't feel nervous anymore especially after a pretty experience and good knowledge . Hope to see you jumping high with a substantial amount of time keep it calm and confident

  12. thanks for telling the truth my redmi note 5 AI rarely crosses 38 degree … after playing pubg for 40 minutes it only gets 36-38 but never crossed that mark

  13. Oh cmmon my Redmi 5 doesn't event touch 45° while playing pubg for 4 hours I tested it personally

  14. Im a Xiaomi user from Redmi 2 to poco f1 ,I have bought Redmi 2 , Redmi s prime,Redmi 4,mi a1 ,poco f1 … I never faced any heating issue till now….

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