Could an Apple Watch Save Your Life?

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Apple’s new smart watch comes with a feature to automatically detect atrial fibrillation. Here’s the science!
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  1. I like my Apple devices despite the exaggerated claims Apple makes of how their devices will improve my life.
    This latest Apple iPhone and iWatch announcement had all the insipid hype of a Ted presentation. Rebeca, don’t drink the company kool-aid.

  2. Ha ha! What I do is get really excited about your new piece of tech and also secretly judge you for buying something because it has 5 unnecessary features your previous didn't

  3. I was loving this video before it became granny's heart rate is 20 points higher than mine at 220 lbs…

  4. This is great, Rebecca, but I haven't worn a watch since the day I retired, and I'm probably not willing to change that even to save my life.

    Now, if there were some other benefit… 🙂

  5. I think this measuring has the potential for some serious abuse. In countries like Germany or really any place with a non-capitalistic Healthcare system, this won't be a problem, but in the USA the Data from this watch could really screw people over.
    Private Health-Insurance Companies there already have a habit of stalking their customer's online presence to find "evidence" of them having some pre-existing condition or looking healthier than they "should" on some picture. Even the flimsiest shit can be used as a pretense to deny care.
    Now imagine what those Companies would do with precisely dated records of someones pulse. Apple could make a fortune selling this data!

    This video is not specifically about this, but it covers something similiar:

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