CrDroid 5.1 Pie On Redmi Note 3 || Great But I’m Disappointed!



Lockscreen Pin/Pattern Disable zip:

Pixel 3 Camera:


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  1. Brother..miui ke official ROM use kaarne ke time phone bahut heat hota hai..even normal use time bhi bahut heat hota hai…koi custom ROM hai kya??heating issue fix karne keliye

  2. Good work bro..candy rom latest build released for kenzo !! Review it pleaseee!!! ❤

  3. Shud try it on whyred too bro ..nice reviews nd warning lol

  4. bro i face this issue since oreo when treble rom comes and i face this issue in every rom except miui…
    i solve it by turn on fingerprint unlock after reboot on rom settings

  5. Not disappointed its good i also face this problem in pixel rom do u just only do first u go to crdroid settings nd do fingerprint authentication on with ur own risk so if u will restart ur mobile u can open it from fingerprint without typing password or pattern or anything just do it and enjoy the rom the rom is best… it..

  6. Bro.. I'm facing the same issue in arrow os.. I deleted a zip from file manager / data / system – lockscreen.DB… ( in twrp ) .. any way to fix this permanently ?

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