Detailed Features of Oppo F1s Selfie Focussed Smartphone


  1. I accidently dropped my oppo f1s. The screen has got a crack. The display is functioning well bt i want to change the screen as the crack is on the whole screen. Kindly suggest as to walhat shd i do.

  2. i have recently bought this phone but the battery gets heated fast….what should i do?

  3. there are three buttons on bottom.. on left of it that button is to close recent apps. but then also they are on. so how can we close

  4. i have bought f1s but when i plug charger to it proximity sensor present on front right side wont turn on. it usually light on in other mobiles.
    plus it also dont blink when new notification received.
    could u help me in that?

  5. thanx yaaar mujha pata nahi tha mera oppo f1s smartphone itna ,awesome hai i love my oppo f1s thanx,thanx,thanx

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