Disable Ads On Your New Samsung Phone!

Step by step initial setup that you should do to disable ads on your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone. I show you how to do this using the Galaxy A50 but this is applicable for even the Galaxy M and other Samsung Smartphones.

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  1. @
    Geekyranjit The problem is a lot of people would have already installed their phones and would not able to change the settings which you have shown in this video which is done at the time of installation. How do we get over this problem ?

  2. Sir there is a problem in finger print when i installed gorilla class slow work how to fix this?

  3. Really helpfull video…Many users like me who are always in hurry to have feel of new phone.. just check all the thing and finish the setup and end up having lots of ads. In UI.
    Now I won't do this ever..

  4. Hi Ranjit, I just got the Samsung A50 today from a retail store. However the sales guy wanted to make sure the device is working fine without any issues so he opened the box for me and did the set up. Is there any way in which I can go back and do what you have mentioned in this video? I'd appreciate your help. Thanks.

  5. Why are ads only on indian based devices mine has none even my friends xiaomi has none bt note 7 pro here is 250$ starting price while the a50 is 280$

  6. I saw this video after setting up the phone. Do I need to make my phone as factory reset to once again set up the phone by unchecking all unnecessary notifications?

    Would be thankful if you could reply Sir.?

  7. sir iam already using the phone i cannot factory reset and start from begining as i would lose data and time , please suggest alternate ways on how to remove ads

  8. Can anyone suggest me how to get rid of Dream 11 or Swigg pop up ads on my Samsung S8. These have just started popping up after upgrading to One Ui

  9. Nice information, but I already boot up phone, and using mobile. Is there any option to disable the same after login

  10. Haha!?? Is this ads?? ? these are not ads, you should know that man. You should go on stand up comedy. I've seen ,your future is bright there ???. Lol. These are notification man.

  11. Ranjit sir
    Would you please give a full review of Samsung Galaxy m30.
    Would be a pleased subscriber if you do it sir.
    We rely on you sir.
    Thank you sir

  12. how to lock apps in s10 with fingerprint ..they have removed app lock and app mask option

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