1. Actually I have a buffalo bull having an apple logo 100 percent real on his back. Contact me 03052525403

  2. My phone had a white spot on screen caused by a little pressure. I think because the tapes are making it thick and presses the screen. But i only did what you did. 🙁 It disappears when i try to open flip the back case. The white spot is not that obvious unless you focus on it. But i’m afraid maybe it will have a long term side effect?

  3. could u just not have rolled the tweezers to get the battery adhesive out???

  4. In China, the iphone 6, 6s, 7, full series, can be converted into the iphone 8, the back cover of the glass, built-in wireless charging. Check out my video.

  5. i stuck in the middle and than i try again and noting happen than i throe my phone

  6. Hi can you send me a Link for IPhone SE Iglow , I can‘t find it on Internet. I was very happy if you do it. Thanks!

  7. EXCESSORIZE ME. question can this drain your battery faster?

  8. This sucks I'm trying to buy like 50 hundred times and it doesn't let me…. does anybody know any other place I could buy it or how can I get it

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