Enable “Ok Google” Feature on any screen in Xiaomi phones | MIUI 10

How to Enable Ok Google Detection Feature on any screen in Xiaomi Redmi phones | Redmi note 3. By default “OK Google” feature is not enabled on MI phones, It is only enabled on Google App.
Follow these steps to enable “Ok Google” Feature on any screen on your Xiaomi Redmi Phones Running MIUI 10
1) Go to “Settings” – Additional Settings” -” Language & Input” – “voice input”
2) Click on “Enhanced Google Services”
3) Click on ” OK Gogle” Detection
4) Enable “From any Screen” option
Fllow the…


  1. there is no such option as voice input and i have tried alot to fix it but the options are disable and greyed. So please tell me how to fix it in redmi y2

  2. Bro even in google app setting voice input is not showing what to do?.. initially its worked for me but after some time it stopped…

  3. Yes, that's how you activate it, but when cleaning RAM, the app closes and never work again till you open it manually (not via the comand, but via the regular app).

  4. How u created the intro using gm studioz cricket patch publish a video like mgs tech

  5. it is not allowing me to enable "from any screen" option, by saying an error " could not retrieve settings please retry later"…how can i fix this? help me regarding this. mine is mi 3s prime with MIUI version

  6. 😂 😂. While i am watching the video when ok Google when he say in my phone ok Google is openig☺️☺️

  7. mine, it shows cant use microphone, please restart ur devie :'(

  8. dear friend me jab v ok google kehta hun to bo device is locked esa bata raha he to isko kese unlock karun plzz batao mujhe my email id is npujhari9@gmail.com

  9. from any screen option it showes culdn't retrieve setting try agin later plese tell me what is the solution

  10. hi I am not getting if I follow this steps i am getting an error like can't use microphone please suggest me

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