Every Apple Watch ⌚️Speed Test Comparison | Series 3 vs Series 2 vs Series 1 vs Series 0

Apple Watch Series 3 vs Series 2 vs Series 1 vs Series 0: Start-up and app speed test

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  1. Do you feel the speed different is big enough for upgrade? Share your thoughts!

  2. I don't know if i am crazy but I've got all these watches one after another from s0 to s3 (not at once). If you want to buy s3 buy lte version if not get a s2 model instead if you need cheap apple watch buy used s1 but stay away from s0 because it wont even work with iOS 12.

  3. Series 0 user. If it wasn’t for the no watch os 5 I wouldn’t recommend upgrading

  4. Currently, I am using a Fitbit charge 2 but, I’ve wanted an Apple Watch for quite some time. On Best Buy’s website, the series 3 is on sale and 15 percent off. Should I get it or get the Series 4 in Sept?

  5. If it's a watch, why need compare the speed of watch?
    Watch should measure the time accurately
    , not fast, not slow Lee

  6. There are only 3 models of Apple Watch there is no Apple Watch 0

  7. My doctor said me that you have shuger so I want to do work out but my condition is not so good so I do not purchase apple watch can you send me the please I am needy person please give me ????

  8. Это IWO, а не эпл воч там кнопка красная у тебя пидора денег бы не хватило

  9. The S1P and S2 chips are virtually the same, but were different shapes. The Series 2 had some extras like water proofing that the Series 1 lacked. Basic performance was near identical between the two, which is why the start up test showed results within a margin of error

  10. First of all, my Apple Watch 7000 series did not take over 5 minutes. Mine only took 2-3 minutes so I’m not sure how you got that number

  11. Series 0 is the 1gen 2015
    Series 1 is a upgraded version of series 0 which has the newer chip same as the series 2 but without gps…. So it’s normal that series 1 is faster than 2.
    Also series 1 has a better battery life than 2. But not good as 3

  12. No matter which of them is fastest, they are all reaaally slow..

  13. Yikes! Comparing time based on how fast the USER launches different apps? NOT how fas a single app takes to launch? That makes the timing here completely worthless cause it doesn't measure load times. It's measuring your reflexes, which for people watching this, is a completely useless metric.

  14. Order of apple watches left to right: series 1, series 2, series 3 (gps only), series 3 (gps + cellular )

  15. The test is brilliant
    But man you rumble a lot.

    Not a hater but just giving feedback

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