Every Apple Watch Speed & Battery Life Comparison [ watchOS 4.2 ] | Series 3, 2, 1 and 0 | [4K]

Compare every Apple Watch ever release to date. This video will compare the start- up speed, app to app speed, app running temperature, speaker sound level, and finally the battery life drainage test.
WatchOS 4.2 has introduce Apple Pay Cash, and also made some speed improvement on all series of watch. In this video you will find out all performance comparison between each series. If you would like to compare the performance different between each watchOS release, please reference the…


  1. As much as I think the Apple Watches are actually a useful addition in terms of functionality to the iPhone, the battery life is devastating.. as long as Apple doesn’t manage to improve the battery life to at least 5 days I don’t see any reason to buy it. What about people who want to track their sleep or continuous heart rate? It’s nearly impossible to do that without charging the watch at least once every 2 days

  2. I only use the watch to tell time and then maybe use it to get a text or two and maybe use the stop watch feature occasionally. Based on that which apple watch do you think would have the best battery??

  3. Very informative, Thank you.
    I have a series 0, looking to see if its possible to replace the battery.
    This video answered so many questions i had about my watch.

  4. Wich one better series 2 or 1 ? Why apple discontinue series 2 and they sell series 1 ?? Anyone can tell me??

  5. My Apple Watch s3 is always really hot in the morning when I Take it off the charger

  6. Great Review!. Informative Und Clear Und Well Organized.
    Big Thanks From Kuwait.
    Who gave this a thumbs down? Losers!

  7. This made my awS0 sooooo slow and laggy 😭😭 I shouldn’t have updated

  8. Mine is series 1 with 4.0, should I upgrade? I don’t want it to get more laggy than it already is.. 🙁

  9. Thanks Leica dad!👍🏻 you helped me for decided😎
    I’m so excited: in first days of january i will upgrade from 0 to 3 LTE (LTE still not support for my country; El Salvador, i think i will Gonna waaaait a lot for the carrier service)
    But im so happy!

  10. Hello, i have watchOS 4.2 on the series 1 and It has an annoying bug (when I open the message app from complications it goes directly into the message you have as unread and read it…. when you open the message application appears list after 1 second automatically enters into the unread message) This was starting to happen after I updated it to watchOS 4 from 3.1.3 Hope it's a bug .. and not a "feature"
    Can you confirm?

    Please do a test on all Watch series and let me know. It’s very annoying


  11. Hey, im still on watchOS 3.2 on my series 0, should i update to 4.2? It’s still working fine for me but with all the happenings with iOS11, just afraid the watch will get instability as the iPhone did if i update to the latest OS

  12. I'd suggest you mix it up: do the long format from time to time & do shorter videos focussing on a particular issue the other times.

  13. I'm confused as to why your series 2 is performing worse than the series 1. My series 1 doesn't even perform as well as my series 2. I know its probably not possible for you to have 2 of each watch to see any difference because my results are far different than yours. Also, how do you test them with differences like 2 & 3 having GPS and brighter displays which drain more power?

  14. Definitely on 4.2 great battery improvement.
    With my series 3 I can go 2 days w/out charging ( very minimal use) & with series 1 even before 4.2 battery has always been good (2 days also)
    I think doing all the comparisons in one video is good.. great job as always 🙂
    Apple Pay is my favorite feature…I use it a lot 👍🏼

  15. Really enjoy your Apple watch videos. One note, for app speed testing, could you do two sections: apple apps and 3rd party apps. I would love to see how the stock apple apps respond between the watch series – things like message, workout, weather, apple pay, timers/alarms etc.

  16. Srsly ! Great video!! , well tomorrow, i’ll give u my feedback about battery ,

  17. Are you getting performance improvement with the watchOS 4.2?  What is your favorite feature so far?

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