Everything Samsung Just Announced — Galaxy Note 9, Fortnite, & More

Samsung just unveiled its first ever Bixby smart speaker alongside its new Galaxy Note 9. They also showed off improved S pen features, a new Galaxy watch, and a partnership with Fortnite and Spotify.

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  1. The fact that Samsung has to tell them to clap is so embarrassing.

    Apple wins.

  2. Alright kids all you got to do is find a phone store and play fort nite on this phone epic said that all you got to do is play on it

  3. (Apple User sees Samsung based Video) GOTTA ADD NEGATIVITY TO SHOW DOMINANCE

  4. Seems like samsung is getting better at technology every year I don't need the note 9 I have an s8 that's good and I wonder if the new galaxy home similar or different to Google home

  5. This is a good marketing strategy they teamed up with fortnite epic games to bring the first beta of the game on their brand. This is sure to make them a fortune

  6. so basically nothing new? nvm it has fortnite and they released a shit version of HomePod

  7. When you bash apple's homepod.

    But now you get slap at the face by the shitest home speaker ever which sits on three toothpicks?

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