Everything You Need to Know: Apple iPhone XS, XS Max, XR, and Apple Watch Series 4 Keynote

Apple Watch Series 4 – 2:02
iPhone Xs – 10:42

PCMag editors break down the best and worst new features of the Apple iPhone X S, Apple Watch Series 4, and iOS 12.

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  1. Top 10% can afford that obnoxious price on iPhone. Others who buy are not saving for retirement….

  2. If I can play PUBG with out charging for two days I’ll pay the $1,500

  3. The level of ignorance is stunning. And get rid of the middle person, she is unwatchable.

  4. Very good initial review. I’ve been using android devices (many many) and a garmin smart(ish) watch. This is the first time in several years that I’m going to go for an iPhone (max) and Apple Watch (though I’ll continue to use my current android devices until the upgrades stop).

  5. “Everything you need to know” says multiple times they can’t remember the details. 👌

  6. Spoken like true iSheeps, well done. Literally nothing new… Thank you very much.

  7. Very good guys, liked the tone, the knowledge, and the whole thing, compared to the hysterical stuff elsewhere on YouTube…

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