Fortnite Mobile gameplay on my Samsung Galaxy j7 prime.

I have got the trick to install in devices with was not supporting it after my trick
I will tell only when i get 50 subscribes and 500 views on this video

Game lagging because of screen recorder and it is only for note 9 that why

This is my first gameplay casually on My J7 prime.

My Great Nation:~ ??INDIA??

Game link:-

How to install in j7 prime and other 2GB+ RAM devices see my back videos


Fortnite mobile…


  1. Ma come di fa cioè io che ho un honor view 10 lite non é compatibile,e poi vengo a sapere che é compatibile con questo telefono di merda

  2. Fake, Galaxy J7 Prime is hardly compatible for fortnite but in this video even high graphics were available, and there is so unbearable lag when you're playing fortnite on J7 Prime, but look how smooth it is!
    Totally fake!

  3. Teach how to download it I am sad because I can't download it and I am only 9 so I don't know that much

  4. Now J7 prime has been update to oreo, can we play on j7 prime right now? Please answer.

  5. Wait so I have it just got Samsung j7 prime and I'm going to download it real it work

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