Galaxy Note 8 Phone Specs
8 Things about Samsung Galaxy Note 8 2017 You Should Know Before Buying

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 release date, specs, rumors and price explained.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 2017 is coming – that’s already been confirmed by the company’s top brass. But what will it look like? Here’s what we know about the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 2017 release date, specs, features and…


  1. too much disrackting background noise musical too loud!!could be done much better.too much negative at the beginning of video!

  2. whoever added this shaking in the video should be stabbed in the face .

  3. Still going to stubbornly hang onto my Note 5 no matter what other phone's are released until Note 8 is released and working well for buyers again like previous model's before Note 7.

  4. all Samsungs note phones have been the best phones , but i think with note 8 everything will be changed , it will be the best phone at the marked. note 8 will come then it will be mine.

  5. a phone with an awesome 5.7 inch display, waterproofing, awesome processor, BUT the phone due to design & reduction in size, the Samsung phones of 2016 and those soon to arrive will be worthless to any audiophile as the devices r capped in volume output giving u a great sound but no real volume output on headphones no matter if cord or wireless due to in my honest opinion is not from how it is built but because Sony is the only device that offers waterproofing as well a 24 bit D.A C. Audio and i believe all other phones cannot infringe on giving us the same. A smartphone that brags on a H.D. Display, waterproofing, but skimps on audio is a H.D. AUDIO & MUSIC lovers nightmare, provided u truly r a video & audiophile of the highest definition available. Axon 7 has it, grant it is not waterproofed but i will gladly that aspect of the phone up for it being a true multi-media device than one that isn't. so if LG comes out with an amoled screen then that is my next phone.better yet if Sony gets off their snotty asses and implement an amoled display then even better as that would kill 50% or more of Samsung's bullshit because they can throw in hi res audio just with a design change and not b infringing but their so so cheap as like putting in a small battery on the note 7 and for a phablet phone that is skimping which BLEW UP in their faces.they did not need an investigation to know it was the battery defect as the recall was a beautiful gift to me now i have the LG.V.20 & Axon 7.I don't even care what Samsung does because u cant teach a greedy company new tricks, they'll still make a partially high end phone because whether they call it flagship or not it will suffer from shortcuts that they always practice on every phone they ever called flagship after note 4 was shortchanged.

  6. I can't see the note 8 being much different from my n7. 4k screen & 6inch with the edged display. who needs 2cameras? if only they'd rerelease the note 7.its still the best phone out even though mines is now only WiFi. no other phone can come close. 7hrs sot & 18avge stand by. 10plus hrs sot with its battery pack all while being ip68. such a shame they destroyed it by bad press.

  7. I have a note III, plus two extra batteries that keep me confident, using it as a drone controller, taking pictures and viewing them, using GPS. if battery runs low I just take that one out and replace it with one of the two I keep in my wallet. If I'll need a new phone, the LG V20 is looking very i interesting and at a lower price.

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  9. and bring back the replaceable battery of the Note 3!
    TOP feature by the power users….
    > KEEP 3.5 jack
    > USB -C and compatible with mini USB

  10. If you can replace the battery I will buy the Note 8 straight away as then it will compete with the Note 4. The Christmas lighting in Poland lasts around three months, which means that all the sockets in restaurants, etc. are occupied by powering the lights so you have no chance of charging anything. Please try and beat the Note 4 Samsung.

  11. Who would've thought we would be carry high powerd computers in our pockets!

  12. I'm now a subscriber. You should look into the shakiness issue of your video!
    I'm looking forward to getting back to Samsung with the Note 8 and away from my iPhone 7+ which I traded for when the recall of the Note 7 was put into effect.

  13. I Don't care what iPhone does just want my Beautiful Note8 πŸ’ŸπŸ’ŸπŸ’ŸπŸ’ŸπŸ’ŸπŸ’ŸπŸ’ŸπŸ’Ÿ

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