Galaxy Note 8 vs Galaxy S8 Active – Which Is Better? (Camera, Gaming, Performance, Software, Battery Life, and More!)

The Samsung Galaxy S8 Active is Samsung’s latest in its Active lineup of rugged, high powered smart phones. It features a beautiful 5.8” super amoled display, a monstrous 4000mAh battery, and a high end 12 megapixel camera. What makes this phone different than the Samsung Galaxy S8? Is it worth an upgrade from the S7 Active? All that and more is coming right…


  1. Just throwing out her box on the Note 8 a good screen protector and you're good to go will be better than me active

  2. My opinion the S8 active is a gimmick you have to still get a case for it and a screen protector for it and that case I might as well buy the Note 8 it's a better phone bigger screen has edge-to-edge so why would anyone want the actors it's gimmicky it just looks like it's better but it's really not it's just a bigger bulky or thing you drop it it will break just as easily

  3. I have the gold samsung galaxy s8 active and it is soooo protective with out a case I really recommend it

    Btw I have a case now tho

  4. Note 8, 2 extra gigs of ram, dual camera only thing active has is bigger battery and note screen is bigger.

  5. 4:47 One way that can be mitigated is with a case, depending on what you have. On my S8 Active, the AT&T store installed a Casemate Toughstand where the cutouts for the fingerprint scanner, camera, and heartrate monitor are such that there's a little ridge separating the fingerprint scanner from the camera.

  6. I have an active. Its been dropped at least 20 times off a ladder and hasnt broken. Its beat up but still ticking

  7. the S8 active seems like a fail. I really wanted the physical buttons and active button. Sigh..

  8. does the active supports two sim cards plus the memory card at the same time]?

  9. The active is so durable. My friend was at my house and threw it off my balcony that is 20 feet of the ground, not even a scratch. I was amazed

  10. I bought the s8 active over the note 8, and I must admit this phones is amazing in every way. I would recommend the active to anyone

  11. You should make a point of the Actives flat screen. Used the S7 Edge for a year, and I'm never, ever, going to buy another edge/curved screen.

    Flat screen + big battery makes this a easy win for the Active.

  12. Nice Comparision Brother. Regards from Europe from my Channel Bro's

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