Welcome to the home of the best How-to guides for your Samsung Galaxy needs. In Today’s video, we will be going over Air Command. This will serve as the in-depth tutorial and hands on of everything you can do with Air Command.

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  1. Will You provide a full/in depth review of all features of Samsung Notes application, maybe highlighting differences and improvements over Note 8's version?
    I would really appreciate it.

  2. How do you make notes default to a different background color or to make the off screen memo write in a different color than yellow because yellow on white isn't that easy to read.

  3. Im thinking about trading my s9+ for the Note 9… Did you do that? Is it worth? Im a Power user by the way…

  4. I remember (just )the galaxy note 2 had the coloring thing in a similar fashion , wasnt quiet as powerful back in those days though , but it was still good .

  5. Hello Jimmy, I have an important conquest for you. Can you please see if the N9 works with the 2017 Gear VR? I plan on upgrading from the N8 to the N9 and I have greatly invested in my GVR, I'm sure I'm not the only one concerned about this.

  6. I really appreciate that you make these detailed videos. other youtubers just repeat the same points. You earned my subscription. I hope you will continue making detailed videos even if some of these are not new features

  7. You just showed me why. I should go for Note9 and be exited about it. Definitely helpful video ! I like the pen it app hehe

  8. At this point in India Note 9(Rs61k) is currently cheaper than both Pixel 2XL(Rs72k) and Iphone x(Rs91k+) .. And also its better than both in every aspect

  9. Another great video. Been using my Note9 for a week now, and there are quite a few things here I wasn't aware of.. 👍👍👍👍

  10. Really considering leaving iOS for this and have to say jimmy that’s down to you. Brilliant informative videos. Great work 👌🏽

  11. Man, if you don't, you could probably make a lot of money taking corporate gigs to help companies and their staff use company-provided devices. Very impressive.

  12. The smart select i think will be the most useful for me too.
    Still waiting on Verizon to ship my 9.

  13. Air Command can't only be launched with the floating icon. I find it a little obtrusive so I disable it. You can also hover the s-pen and click the button to open Air Command. Hope this clears any confusion.

  14. Far more in depth than Ive seen anyone go yet. Most people just skim over stuff like this.

  15. You sure are good at all this! How about stopping by my house on the 24th and teaching me and my wife?

  16. Still waiting on my note 9 hasn't shipped yet awesome video makes me want my phone even more

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