Galaxy Note 9 is going to BLOW your MIND + Exact Release Date

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 release date has leaked in latest reports. In this video, I will tell you why the Note 9 is going to a mind-blowing smartphone as well as it’s updated release date.

Some reports also suggest come camera improvements.

Let’s dive in.

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  1. I really don't care about the finger scannner .but i can't wait to receive the note 9.. it is in fact the note 7…the seventh note from samsung…i could have bought the note 8 last year ..but i decided to wait for the note 9…i hope the release date in europe will be soon to… anyway nice vid…

  2. Great video and wow a great car bro
    What do u consider in regards to an iPhone?

  3. I think is going to the beast and can't wait to it comes out I plans to get one but how much is it going to be.

  4. Reasons why the iPhone X is better than the S9+:
    1. 4K at 60 & 1080p at 240 is not limited to only 5 minutes.
    2. Better heat management
    3. Better front facing camera quality
    4. Portrait Lighting on both front and rear cameras.
    5. Quad-LED True Tone Flash with slow sync
    6. Custom display chip that makes the display 3 x brighter for a front facing True Tone flash.
    7. HEIF Photo Compression technology (photos take half the storage as on Android)
    8. Deeper pixels, Apple designed Image Signal Processor.
    9. AR Calibrated cameras
    10. Animoji (maps 50 facial muscles) – less laggy than AR emoji copy.
    11. 3D Facial scanning – intelligent, attention aware, works at night, with with most sunglasses, adapts to physical changes,more secure than ‘intelligent scan’ and Touch ID
    12. No ugly rear camera sensor that also marked the camera smudge
    13. Neural Engine
    14. Apple Pay is better than Samsung Pay, as it uses FaceID, works with in-app purchases, and money can be sent on Messages using Apple Pay instantly
    15. No top and bottom bezels
    16. Polished Stainless Steel, Sapphire Crystal Camera Lens, Strongest glass in any smartphone.
    17. No Bixby button
    18. Brighter display (higher fill factor of the PenTile Diamond pixel structure than Super AMOLED) – S9 full screen brightness is 482, iPhone X is 574
    19. Better colour accuracy (not oversaturated)
    20. More responsive display – 120Hz Touch input
    21. True Tone technology
    22. Highest 1:1million contrast ratio
    23. Dolby Vision
    24. 3D Touch
    25. Fastest and Smartest chip – A11 Bionic
    26. Apple designed performance controller
    27. Better battery life
    28. 256GB Internal storage – not possible on S9/S9+
    29. Better stereo speakers with richer clearer sound and much better bass
    30. Raise to wake
    31. Tap top top
    32. System haptics
    33. Taptic Engine
    34. Live Photo’s
    35. Thinner than S8, S8+, Note8, S9 and S9+
    36. Better customisation on iMessages
    37. Customisable control centre
    38. Customisable vibration pattern for specific calls
    39. Better widgets (more uniformed design, all in one place)
    40. Frequent minor and major software updates
    41. Higher resale value
    42. Better customer service and support (free lessons/sessions), care more about sustainability.
    43. Do not disturb whilst driving option
    44. Wi-Fi password sharing
    45. Full back up options (iCloud backs up everything including app data)
    46. AirPlay
    47. Detailed floor plan as in Apple Maps (useful in shopping centres, airports etc.)
    48. No intrusive buttons, uses gestures
    49. Swipe between app
    50. You cant get a 5.8 inch display phone with dual cameras at Samsung
    51. iOS 11 – more stable, better app animation, frequent updates, worlds largest platform for AR
    52. 3D Touch gaming controls
    53. Better camera quality on Snapchat.
    54. Apple ecosystem
    55. Side Silent switch
    56. Better and more diverse Emoji’s
    57. We can see our battery capacity and how much its degraded. Samsung does not have this useful feature.
    58. Able to delete stock apps
    59. Metal SIM card tray (not plastic like S9)
    60. Memoji (much more diverse and better than AR emoji)

  5. Samsung literally replicates the features of iPhone. Catch up…and then they say do what you can’t, the next big thing is already here. Well I’ve been doing what s8 can’t since the iPhone X.
    -Stereo speakers
    -Face ID
    -Brighter display
    – Siri
    -Live messages
    -Live Photo’s (which Samsung tries replicate by making short videos)
    -Tap to zoom
    -Touch ID
    -iCloud (Samsung cloud)
    -Apple Pay
    -DCI-P3 Wide Colour display
    -Face Time
    -Our SIM card tray (using a pin)
    -copied Apple designed image signal processor by combining layers of the same photo to reduce noise on the S9
    -Capacitive Home Button
    -3D Touch icons (you can long press icons on Samsung to get shortcuts)
    -landscape home screen
    -Portrait mode
    -2X telephoto lens
    -Earphone design on the S7
    -Irreversible charger
    -Copied having a curved glass panel since the 6 and even having glass backs
    -Copied the iPhones camera UI on S9
    -Having a landscape mode home screen on S9
    -HomeKit through Samsung Smart Things.

    This has to be a joke Samsung.

  6. The iPhone X camera is better than the S9:
    -Brighter Quad-LED True Tone Flash with Slow Sync
    -Deeper pixels and Apple designed Image Signal Processor
    -Portrait Lighting front and rear
    -Unlimited 4K at 60 FPS that is not limited to 5 minuets
    -HEIF Photo Compression Technology (photos and videos take half the space than on Android)
    -AR Calibrated cameras.
    -Sapphire Crystal Camera lens
    -Higher detailed front facing camera
    -Live Photos
    -Not oversaturated.
    -Custom Display chip that makes the display 3X brighter for a front facing Retina True Tone flash
    -Optimised for Social Media such as SnapChat. Samsung looks like shit on SnapChat.
    -Better edge detection in portrait mode front and rear

  7. The iPhone X display is the best OLED display.
    The iPhone X display is a Super Retina display designed by Apple, not Samsung. Although sourced by Samsung.
    It features:
    -True Tone Technology
    -3D Touch (with a Taptic Engine)
    -HDR10 AND Dolby Vision
    -Best colour accuracy on any OLED display
    -Best colour management system
    -Best Burn-in management (
    -Brightest OLED.
    -Folded, the only display that has no bottom bezel
    -More responsive display (120Hz Touch Input:
    -Highest Full Screen Contrast Ratio
    -Lowest Screen Reflectance
    -Smallest brightness variation with viewing angle changes. 
    -Better efficiency (lower battery consumption)
    -Awarded the best display of the year consumer (
    Things that Samsung still fail to achieve.
    -It was engineered, designed and calibrated by Apple which was manufactured through Samsung’s machines. Apple even says they engineer their own display on their website,
    -The iPhone X also has a different Pentile structure than ANY galaxy phone, refer to
    -The S9 (which has a 20% brighter display than the S8) provides up to 544 Nits of full screen brightness.
    Th iPhone X provides up to 634 Nits of full screen brightness, with up to 726 Nits on the home screen. This is Full screen brightness.
    (Source: DisplayMate – 2018)

  8. I always look forward to the next Note and I will get the 9 ASP but I do not care about any scanner, just better speakers and camera. Note IS the best! Cool car! What city are you in?

  9. Great video, I'm excited about the note 9 as long as they do something about the battery, I have the note 8 and I think the battery is just too small needs a little more battery

  10. No fingerprint scanner in-screen = no $$ fo youSamsung. Get it together! You guys have been struggling with this for over a year now!

  11. Who the F#$& think bixby is important? I hate it! Thats one of the reason i will note buy note phones anymore

  12. Note 9’s 6.4” screen w/no notch is equal to iPhone 11’s 6.5” w/notch. Two speakers and they’re keeping the 3.5mm jack? Native S-Pen would be better than a third party pencil. Android has a local file manager, and iOS does not. It may be soon time for me to trade in my iPhone 6s Plus for a Note 9.

  13. I was a Samsung girl for a long time. Then I fell in love with the V10 by LG Well when I saw the Note 8 I fell in love again but was put off by the lagging people were complaining about. Now the Note 9 looks like it has resolved that issue. Thanks for this video it just confirmed for me that I'm going to purchase the Note 9! I've seen the Galaxy S9 plus and Samsung ALWAYS uses it as a starting point to improve the Note series. I can't wait for the Note 9 to come!

  14. The Note8 is the worst phone i've ever had so no more Crapsung for me ever!

  15. Girl please trying to show off up in that car doing a video about a fucking smartphone please !!!!!!!

  16. Well ive wanted the note, knew the note 2 was going to be better said i would get the note 3 heard the 4 was off the chain waited for the note 5 decided for note 6 changed my mind to get the note 7 decided to wait for the note 8 hearing about this note 9 just going to get the note 10 🤣👍

  17. Lol I have a Note8 and I can tell you right now … this video is SO over dramatic 😂 basically the camera is going to have the SLIGHTEST improvement… your words not mine … and the ram will be minimum 6…. even tho my phone is smooth as hell already , what they Really need to change to be as you say "mind blowing" will be thinner bezels! theres no need for the bezels to be this thick in 2018

  18. Battery life is what worries me..
    As much as i use my phone…
    I have the note 4..and i can add
    A new battery at any time…
    Most people probably could
    Care less..but!!! I love having a extra battery that i charge off
    To the side..if my note 4 decides
    To not take a charge..i can use
    My extra battery that charges in
    Its own dock..

  19. There is a "mindblowing" phone every year!
    So build in fingerprint(homebutton)…?
    Means they will get your Fprint if you want or not🤨

  20. Nothing special just S9 plus with Spen and bigger screen better wait for the S10 and note 10 with 7nm Exyons .

  21. My Samsung galaxy S9+ starting to disappoint me. After using it since its release, very recently the automatic date/time setting goes on manual everytime the device is turned off or restart. It's been with the service center and came back with the same problem still going. Anyone has solution pls. I would really appreciate. Just letting everyone know the phone has been reset to original factory setting twice now.

  22. I'm a note guy but I'm getting the note8 and save me sum mula not enough change in the note9 for me👈🏾👌🏾

  23. Neither do I but we're here to learn not critique his stomach.

  24. I drive a log truck every day for a living. And I somehow manage to do it without gloves

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