Galaxy Note 9 just got BETTER after enabling this SECRET Feature

Galaxy Note 9 just got BETTER after enabling this SECRET Feature. If you own a Samsung Galaxy Note 9, you need to enable this awesome feature to further enchanted the use of your Note 9.

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  1. You have a Secure Folder toggle in the quick settings panel to show and hide it from the app drawer.

  2. This feature is new, except it's on S9 and S8.
    I look forward to watching a video from this channel that doesn't waste time on information that's not new.

  3. This does seem like a very useful feature and I wanted to try it out but when I went to the section that has my Samsung apps I didn't see a "secure folder" with the other Samsung apps so I selected the Samsung app store app and found secure folder in search then downloaded it and once the download was complete I tried to open it but the "open" link was faded meaning I couldn't select "open" and the app is not even showing up with the rest of my apps even though I downloaded it. I'm not sure what's going on. I have a Note 9 btw.


    I didn't know that after I downloaded the secure folder app it was invisible by default which is odd because its supposed to let the user decide to make it invisible or not so he or she knows where to hide it at lol but thanks for sharing the info I think I'll find it useful.

  4. This has been around for several years already, with the introduction on Knox.

  5. i used it on my Note 5 and still using it on my 2 days old brand new Note 9, very powerful security /privacy feature

  6. How to hide text messages? I don't see it on here. I see everything else but can't ase how to hide text messages. Someone please help.

  7. I used this feature already early in the samsung galaxy note 4 (private mode)

  8. As useing phone for jobs what are sensitive and may interest law enforcement is secure folder protecting for their interest?

  9. This existed on my Note 8 and Note 7 as well. I missed it when they made me stop using my Note 7 and I had to move to an S7 Edge. Glad I have it again on my Note 9.

  10. @sakitech You should have also mentioned:

    There is another way to hide/unhide the secure folder on the quick settings panel of your notification shade.

    1) Double Swipe from the top to drop down your notification shade to full extension.
    2) Select the dot menu and tap [Button Order]
    3) Make sure that the Secure Folder button is present in the upper area.
    4) With this button, you can manually turn the visibility of Secure Folder On/Off, On demand.

    Great instructional video 👌⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  11. I have transferred some pics to safe folder, but they remain in old folder in 'public' gallery (S9) and must be deleted manually. Any idea why ?

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