Presenting the awesome Samsung Galaxy Note9 Tips & Tricks Part 2!
The new S Pen of Galaxy Note 9 is truly smart! It now doubles as a Bluetooth remote and there are so many things you can do with it! In this Tips and Tricks video series, I tried my best to demonstrate the S Pen remote features of Note9 as simple as possible, hope you like it 🙂

Part #1:

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  1. by double tap on s pen it can open any app even if the phone is password locked. what about the security ? any1 can unlock the phone with the help of s pen

  2. My pen want unlock my phone- But when I open it then it goes to the App that a sign the pen so!

  3. which variant is good enough for any premium Samsung phone?? snapdragon or exynos??🙄 rplyzz

  4. I think a signing the S Pen to open Google Assistant would be great because you will be able to open any app with your voice from across the room, then from there you can navigate that app using the S Pen

  5. Can you open the iris Scanner when pressing the Note 9 S Pen button using Bluetooth?

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