The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will be insane with this 7 Upcoming New Legendary Features… samsung galaxy note 9 upcoming Incredible Features !!

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  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I always find it strange to talk about colour when I would put it in a case because the screens keep cracking on all these indestructible phones (S models or Note).

  2. They must remove the edge because it's very inconvenient to use with S-Pen.

  3. The phone protector/cover that goes on should help the user keep their grip on the phone so as to help user avoid dropping it. I had one on Note 4 that helped me keep grip on phone, which helped avoid dropping it. The phone was a little big/heavy so this was a key feature when I selected my phone protector.

  4. F*ck Samsung. After my previous note went dead after 1.75 years of use, I’ll never buy another Samsung phone.

  5. I currently have the Note 8, disappointed with its size. If the note 9 is similar in size I won't be going back to note.

  6. It hasn't been a year since the release of the Galaxy Note 8 and now they're already 👄 talking about the Note 9??!

  7. Watching on my note 8, preparing right arm for amputation. I will get this phone. No matter what it has in it.

  8. Oi que canal espetacular adorei chou de bola 👍👏👏🌹 o meu celular está com defeito mim dis ai vocês tem coragem de mandar um desi celular de presente para mim si tiver coragem de mim da um de presente o meu nome é Josélia Mendes Lima moro em Maceió Alagoas nó Brasil meu em dereso e rua da nacemsa nomero 2B bairro tabuleiro dos Martins mim fais esta alegria eu ficaria muito feliz conto com a sua boa vontade e que Deus abençoe a vocês todos

  9. It was confirmed long ago that there will NOT be an in-display fingerprint sensor! Take your robotic voice & shove it up your ass with your false leaks! People, if u want REAL news, watch Pocketnow Daily, not this garbage! 😒

  10. Ah nobody will know the specks, the size, shape, colors or the looks of the Note9 until we hear it straight from the house's mouth. I could make up a video and post on YouTube. I have the slightest clue as to why one would assume this or any other video on here would be true as to what is being demonstrated. Nothing is valid until it is heard from the horse's mouth.

  11. ice universe… this dude is stupid…
    And he also doesn't have that high accuracy of leaks…

    He says it have the in screen finger scanner, than he says it doesn't. Yeah lol it's sure that one of this will be true…

  12. Thnx. Im gonna upgrade nxt year though to the #NOTE10. I still have the note 5 since it came out 3 years ago but the battery is getting weaker and weaker.

  13. Hermosos en cuanto salga me lo voy a cojer ya que no me pude cojer el s 9 Plus por pagar una deuda que tenía y me coji el note 8 el siguiente va ser el note 9 por que me lo merezco por muchas razones

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