Galaxy Note 9 Unboxing – Metallic Copper VS Ocean Blue!

Galaxy Note 9 Unboxing – Metallic Copper VS Ocean Blue!

In This Video We Will be unboxing The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in Metallic Copper & Ocean Blue.
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  1. Like ocean blue
    Comment metallic copper

    Pls like my family will buy me some i dont know what to buy colors on note9
    Pls vote

  2. Holly copper. I likes dat. I had to get the blue because US. WhY SAMsMsUNG dO THIS

  3. Just a quick declaration, Samsung have not just partnered with AKG, Samsung owns AKG. By the way, great video mate.?? Just found your channel. I was scrolling among the videos to find a copper note 9. So sad it is only available in India.

  4. Not to hate, but honestly I have the galaxy s6 for 3 years now, and its still almost as fast as it was when it was new, maybe the snapdragon ones become laggier faster than the exynos models?

  5. Nice! The Note 9 and the iPhone X is the same price but there's so many things that is missing from the iPhone X like Samsung DeX, Iris scanner, Samsung pay technology, Bluetooth 5.0 and much more

  6. Ocean blue with yellow s-pen was my choice when I first saw the official press image. SomI went to the shop just to see it in flesh before making the pre-booking. The metallic copper blew the others out of the water when I saw them all in flesh, its elegant, classy with a glimpse of sparkling copper. So finally, copper is my baby soon

  7. u should make a one month after review about this so u could tell the performa after using it in one month or later. it's very useful i think

  8. The metallic copper is much more classy, I liked the blue one but the blue one is funky with yellow S-Pen.
    So I did the right choice pre ordering the Metallic Copper

  9. Bravo, very informative, ive been considering upgrading to a note 9 and you just convinced me to go into tmobile tomorrow on my day off and see what deals theyre offering :]

    you also just helped me buy for my first pc build on your i5 8400 build video. Do you have an email address that i can send you messeges at? I just got into the world of Pc and bought my very first cpu (i5 8400) and i had a few questions i was wondering if you could answer? Anyways great review, you need way more subscribers dude your quality is top notch!

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