Galaxy Note 9 vs S8 Plus Speed Test & Speakers!

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs Galaxy S8 Plus Speed Test, Camera Zoom, Speakers and more!

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  1. I have the Galaxy s8+ even tho it has slowed down significantly even after deleting most apps clearing all cache, I'll just wait for the S10 plus

  2. I'm reading other comments on here and I was thinking to myself damn that S8 plus seems really slow because I have that phone also in mine does not seem to lag like that I don't know what's going on maybe clean that POS out before you do a test with it…hell i dunno

  3. Your hand eye coordination sucks on your left hand bro….Jeez you are literally barely hitting the apps. Its aggravating me lol

  4. My galaxy s8 plus exynos is much more faster than your fucking s8 plus.
    You are fucking bias.

  5. s8+ is almost 2 years old and it is still really fast and performing very well. I think it all depends on how much you've used the phone and downloaded all the extra crap into it. I don't have many apps on it, besides like the usual social media apps and it is doing just fine 😊

  6. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 ist wirklich gut, aber Samsung S8 + Ich mag es sehr

  7. I have both but my s8 plus and note 9 on sprint is way faster then the ones shown here. I wonder if its a
    carrier update kinda thing =/

  8. NOTE 9 winning pretty easily ! wanna know why ? because no updates. UPDATES MAKES PHONES SLOW. Period

  9. The comparison I was needing.

    Would've been nice to see if both phones were completely empty when it comes to photos and videos.

    A device maintenance could have helped with that.

  10. My s8 is way faster than that and I notice that Verizon phones make the phone a lot slower

  11. 8:30

    "Best you'll get with 4GB of ram"

    I remember not too long ago the XZP did much better than the S8+ when you compared it with the XZ2P

  12. Wait, is your S8 also on a carrier? This is giving my flashbacks of your S7 edge.

    The SD835 is super fast and I can't understand what's happening to your S8+

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