Galaxy Note 9 vs Vivo Nex SpeedTest and Camera Comparison

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs Vivo Nex, Speed Performance & Camera Quality Compare, we open some apps same time & captured some photos of same objects.
All apps we opens in this video are downloaded from
Subway Surfers
Temple Run 2


  1. Using nex… N really amazing.. Screen sound casting.. Fast charging.. Fast speed.. Ossm display.. Great camera.. N cooling system and 4000 mah battery.. It is a king..

  2. I don't own a Vivo phone but if I did I would on this phone because it's faster than the note night which doesn't make any sense or not 9 is supposed to be the fastest phone in the world apparently not it's also supposed to not explode and already has WTF Samsung otherwise nice video and your Samsung why horrible I bet you DJ code does that for people to die on purpose because he's secretly in the Nazi army I mean look at him his name is DJ Koh he looks like a Nazi and that's the only way he can hide a bomb to blow up as in a phone

  3. Can't tell you why but just in about every speed test the Samsung flagship does not do well . Doesn't beat lg , one plus , really none of them but overall Samsung is top notch you can't beat the display

  4. I just belong vivo nex yesterday, the price is very reasonable and also not bad to use. Trust me… Is nice phone.

  5. You telling fake
    Because I have searched everywhere that note 9 is better from vivo nex and from others

  6. The the note 9 with the 845 would have produced better results.

  7. Hahaha funny, why didn't you Use the big version i mean note 9 8GB RAM version and using the will see how speed the system is. guest is not easy to buy 1249 € or 1249$ anyway you try but we don't know Vivo Nex but Samsung we know..thankz

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