Galaxy Note 9 – Will Be Hard To Buy!!

Samsung will launch The Galaxy Note 9 in the near future but it’s going to be released with a very expensive Price, The Galaxy S9 is also going to launch in a few days and The rumors indicate that the handset could release in a higher price than usual.

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  1. I hope the Note 9 isn't over $1000 but atleast Verizon lets me make payments and Samsung and Verizon will probably have a big trade in deal.

  2. Technology gets cheaper over time dummy. The reason price goes up, is because more tech makes it in the phone. More abilities, faster, better.

  3. I can't wait I have all the paper work to refinance my house for this phone. !

  4. Well,in Africa,smartphones are much expensive, I couldn't even buy a samsung s7 till date ,although I love smartphones I don't think of owning one since I can't afford it. Those who can Afford it should buy it ,it really be a great phone.

  5. This phone is not worth the money, and Samsung didn't add anything expensive to mark up the price.

  6. Prices are getting sick they know people will pay it that's why lol . Well at least the not so smart ones 😂😂

  7. Bro I have a note 8 and I'm begging for note 9 my b day is April 9th and 9 is my fav num 😭

  8. Spitze 📱, aber mit dem Preis ist übertrieben 🧐🤨

  9. creo que los marcos de abajo de los smartphone no sirven mejor disminullanlo para tener una pantalla mas grande como el iphone x

  10. Well, Note 9 might even be a little bit less than Note 8, like the s9, or a little more like s8+ to s9+. I don't see $1000 at all from this phone, Samsung doesn't overprice phones like apple.

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