Galaxy S1 vs S10 Plus – 9 YEARS LATER! ? | The Tech Chap

Samsung Galaxy S vs S10 Plus! How does Samsung’s FIRST Galaxy S smartphone compare with the latest S10 Plus! From size & specs to camera & price – how far have we come in 10 YEARS? S10+ ➤ Amazon US: ➤ Amazon UK:

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  1. Apple from 2007 to 2009 : "Oh yeah im the best baby"
    Samsung in late 2009 : "Dread it…run from it…destiny still arrives"
    Samsung in 2010 : Galaxy S1 comes thru a portal

  2. Meu primeiro smartphone foi um Galaxy s1 eu era famoso na escola por ser o único que tinha um android todo mundo queria ver

  3. It's funny how popular the white S10 is. I got mine last week, white as well of course 🙂

  4. unlike any old iPhone, a original Galaxy S still work after 9 years while the any old iPhone is a useless paperweight.

  5. Had that one 10 years ago. It wasn't available in my country, so had to buy it abroad. My friends were saying i'm crazy buying such a "brick" for allmost 500$. 4 months later everybody had such things :). Still have S1, S2, S3, S5, Note2, S6 edge, S7, S9 (wife uses), Note9 (mine beast). Some missings in collection – but i should find to buy those one…And some time ago i lounched S1 – was sooo surprised it loaded (wasn't charged for about 5 years – idk how it happened, how it maneged not to loose all the charge!!!) and worked perfect for about 20 sec.! Super good phone for those times!

  6. .apk to install the app instead of the market place? There are many safe places to download android packages/apps from on the internet

  7. I still don't get why new Samsung phones are always so slow to start up, my A5 2017 take ages compared to my old S3 neo

  8. The S4 mini in my mind will always be don! Can still get all the same apps, turn the mobile data on & off as when & the battery is amazing + unlike the house bricks of today it's actually mobile

  9. Doesn't hold its value like an old iPhone? That's because isheep stand by Apples inferior phone because of blind brand loyalty. The S10 literally craps on everything Apple has to currently offer. ?

  10. i owned the s1, and back then people called it massive and oversized… lol

  11. I actually had a Galaxy S Plus, so there was a plus-model, but maybe you just couldn't get your hands on one of those.

  12. No home button on s10 plus, has he ever pressed where the home button would be, its there on my 9

  13. S3, S10+ only two braggable performance models of the times! S4-S9 sucked so bad, I've gone off to competitors! Suprising Samsung S10+ first smartphone who'd put 12 gigs of RAM into their smartphones! Does this mean their upcoming note will have 16 gigs of RAM? Maybe a TV tuner chip? Probably very minor differences? Now, they have qwga, whatever that is flex phone! Probably 640 pixels, definitely high priced! I'd rather have OnePlus 7, and a tablet! Lol.
    Nice crackhead video! All these viewers, you'll beable to afford 2 of 8 balls a day, with YouTube money you've made off of this video!

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