Galaxy S7 & Edge: Turn Off Notifications for Emails, Text Messages, & Calendars

I show you how to turn off those annoying notification sounds for emails, text messages and calendars on your Samsung Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge

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  1. I asked if you could block texts. Not just turn off sound. I know you can block numbers but texts still come through or is that not true.

  2. Thanks for your very helpful video. However,
    I have a S7 Edge but under the "notification sounds", there is only the word skyline, which is a choice of sound.

  3. My email gets inundated with updates from YouTube that I'm subscribed to but it also does it on my phone in the top left corner how can I make it where I don't get emails but they just notify me in the top left corner is there a way to do that

  4. Galaxy Note Edge: How do I set a sound for texts and a different sound for notifications (emails, apps, etc.)?

  5. Ok i have a question you know how iPhone has i message and they send a message to another iPhone well the galaxy s7 active has the same feature and I was wanting to know how I could get that back because I had it before before I had changed my phone for another one since my phone is a warranty phone and now I can't get that anymore did I do something wrong during the updating process?

  6. I turn my do not disturbed mode on when im trying to sleep but notifications still pop up and my phone stays on and I have to manually press the power button to make it turnoff. Is there anyway I can make where after a few seconds of a notification popping up, my phone can turn back off so it doesnt be on all night?

  7. I have it "off" but I'm still getting Facebook sounds. Do you know how to turn this off. I've tried all the settings I could find and I don't want it beeping at me in the middle of the night

  8. I got my S7 Edge a few days ago and it won't send any notifications at all and I have the notifications on if anyone could help me that would be amazing

  9. How do you turn off the annoying notifications sound every time you get a Facebook message.

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