Galaxy S9 How to Take a Screenshot

This is the easiest way to capture a screen shot with the Samsung Galaxy S9

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  1. Just pull the screen down and hit the screen shot button, that way you don't wear your phone buttons down over time!

  2. do u know how to maintain the screenshot quality?? after i took a screenshot of an HD photo and send it to someone, it loses photo quality and looks blurry.

  3. Very hit and miss on screenshots, the swipe method is useless! In fact, I can't wait to change back to the new iphone plus in September! But thanks for the video.. ?

  4. It looks blurry everytime I send a screenshot through a message. Does anyone know why this is?

  5. How do I set the app icons the excakt same way he's done it in the video?

  6. Bro I like your date and weather widget, how is it called please?

  7. Do you know there is Option to Stop Preview of WhatsApp
    But not able to Save it in the setting ??

    Grup Notif – Importance – set to Medium
    Mesg Notif – Importance – set to High

    But it does not work
    Maybe someone can try it and reply

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