Gang of Four: Apple / Amazon / Facebook / Google (Scott Galloway, Founder of L2) | DLD16

Scott Galloway, who is a professor of Marketing and Brand Strategy at the NYU Stern School of Business, discusses “The Gang of Four” (Google, Facebook, Apple, and Amazon), their victims, and the strategies that led them onto a path to a trillion dollar market cap.


  1. And if you would have bought Amazon stock after this video uploaded, you would have gained almost 50% on your investment if sold now.

  2. Yes, advertising will die as we know it. And it needs to (at least in the format it is currently in).
    What this means to Facebook – he does not address. Colleges are ripe for disruption.

  3. Thanks Scott. "like drinking from a fire hose"…. that's great. thank god for pause…. and breathing…..

  4. This is not a criticism, merely thoughts about the commentator’s pulmonary health with a career suggestion. Even though the speaker talks quickly consistently irrepressibly continuously incessantly relentlessly endlessly unremittingly and nearly permanently. And even though he makes his remarks sound nearly homogenous, by changing neither the pitch nor loudness of his voice. And though he never frames in some larger context that which he is speaking about, nor explains why has chosen to talk about it, nor states the significance of what he is saying. Despite all this, thank goodness that he breathes for a few milliseconds because it can be disagreeable to watch a speaker experience terminal self-suffocation. But, if he were to do so, perhaps he might find continued success performing in certain subterranean regions. In particular, those areas where oxygen has already long ago been fully consumed. That is, places that specialize in tele-evangelical reverse-engineering. These are those, where a speaker does not have to worry whether people enjoy listening or not. And where one can speak freely, with the rhythm of a chainsaw and sincerity of a tornado.

  5. Scott, you are without a doubt the most entertaining financial advisor I have ever watched. Please keep making content.

  6. I don't understand your promotion of Netflix. Have you looked at their cash flow statements? I can't seem to justify their operating and investing totals compared to their financing totals. Are they paying investors? yes, but that payout is only due to the re selling of already sold stock, the numbers tell the story of what is going on with netflix. I am going to wait and see how they look at the beginning of next year but I do not see myself investing into netflix. they are extremely high risk right now and I need to see proof of them being able to reign in the income they are promoting to have.

  7. After that Adele cover, his voice became shaky like he was a televangelist…

  8. As relevant the information you give is… you Failed to mention that APPLE is BUILT on SLAVERY! I Dare You Mr. Galloway to mention the Name of every person who Died trying Escape slavery from Apple!… History has already Proven that Astronomical Profits are possible while built on Slavery Apple Is NOt doing Anything New…. You also negate the poor technology they produce. And how the only thing innovative thing they produce is their marketing and profits. Also you should take a voice class. Your speeches are necessary.. we can't have your voice failing after only a matter of minutes (on that note avoid sweet drinks before speeches… drink only water)

  9. He shoud add in Microsoft, because it ranks number 3 in market cap, just after Apple and Google.

  10. Interesting and thought provoking but there's a load of bias in this short term view of these companies. Where does Microsoft and IBM fit into this narrative? Also, comparing Market Cap to GDP is apples and oranges. Again, thought provoking but this is a very narrow, short view.

  11. Full of 'jump to conclusions' in a fast-paced talk. Nice comparisons, but not taking investment advice.

  12. Not to turn this into a political discussion, but think of the precedent that is now being suggested by a leading presidential candidate. If Clinton gets her way, firearms manufacturers would be held responsible for crimes committed by firearms users. Apple won't give the FBI the keys to the iPhone??? LMAO, no they'll just be held responsible for the terrorist attacks that were planned and coordinated using iPhones and be forced to pay billions in restitution. So you can kiss your valuations of Apple, Snapchat, Whatsapp, FB, and the rest goodbye if she is able to do that. They are all used by terrorists and murderers.

  13. "It's becoming a lottery economy…" Gee, ya think?????????????? Anyone even glancing the country, the markets, and the economy can see that started a long time ago. Not a lottery economy, but a casino economy. And the odds are set and the games are rigged so that the casino owners never loose. Seems like a lousy way to run a global economy, unless you're the house. I wonder if people will ever consider that profit based on speculation and manipulation of balance sheets may not necessarily a good thing. Considering the damage these pump and dump cycles cause, is it worth talking about some kind of a steady state economy and possibly even scrapping the casino? I know the elites wouldn't think so, but what about the masses? Another major issue that will affect all of this is that if we don't change something, the threat of a revolution will be very real when automation displaces 50% of the workforce, which tech futurists see happening in the next 20 years. The tech revolution that's happening now is different than any one that ever happened in the history of mankind, and we have no "new industry" to fill the gap in view at this point. At that level of high unemployment, the numbers of eyeballs hitting an ad won't matter very much (LOL, unless you're advertising bullet proof vests and MREs). Not enough buyers, and you won't WANT to be seen walking down the street carrying a LV handbag.

  14. LOL, he compares FB numbers to the major religions of the world. That's like comparing Grand Central Station pass-throughs to automobile owners. There's a major difference in the level of commitment, time, and importance in their life. Now, compare all the people in the world who at least loosely believe in a deity with all the FB users, or even social media users, and it's quite a different story even though the overlap will be tremendous.

  15. Interesting presentation… but did I learn anything? Not really. This is capitalism drama theater, no substance. Capitalist comic opera. It makes me think that Professor Galloway is more of an entertainer than an educator.

  16. Fabulous presentation – being in Networking Marketing – with a product i give away for free is the reason why I'm winning. Its free. Twitter -Instagram – Snapchap – Facebook – Google Amazon – the rest just goes on – Its free. So the platform works. Great insights.

  17. Anyone with an idea about the full list of references for this? Would love to be seeing some of this data myself. Great presentation!

  18. Perspective is subjective – you'll never squeeze in all of the stock/tech market to everyone's satisfaction; nevertheless a great presentation. I'm highly envious of the students who have enrolled in his course if this is a reflection of what his lessons are are like.

  19. Curious on why he doesn't include Microsoft. They have a new focus and are much larger than Amazon. Seems like a big miss. i.e. $400B

  20. Good video, but he gives Amazon and Apple too much credit.

    – Amazon stock dropped 30% since mid Jan. Apple stocked dropped 20% this year.
    – FB and Google are doing pretty awesome.

    He doesn't mention Microsoft, Netflix, both of which had great year.

  21. This is exactly the type of guy you do not want managing your money

  22. the whole presentation was very inspiring, but unfortunately pretty difficult to follow at the very end, because of the furious tempo!:(
    it would be awesome to slow down or convey less information in the time given!:) and now let's buy facebook shares:)

  23. I always feel like I learn something from one of Scott's presentations. Thanks for sharing!

  24. Interesting presentation, however isn`t it a bit misleading to compare market capitalization with GDP?
    IMHO, GDP could roughly be compared to turnover/revenues instead of market cap – because GDP is what a country creates/sells during a year and not what the country or its assets are"worth".
    In this case, Google`s 2014 revenues were 66Bn – roughly the size of Dominican Republic`s GDP at the time, which I think is much fairer comparison.

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