Garmin fenix 5 vs. Apple Watch Series 2 Review – What’s the Best GPS Smartwatch?!

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  1. My question is about calorie tracking. I know no device can be relied upon 100% but which one gives the closer estimate. My old garmin devices seemed a bit high. Like 4,000 calories a day and that seems a little high. My apple watch will be closer to 32-3500 most days.

  2. i know a guy who had an accident with his longbored and broke his applewatch on the very first day

  3. I have all Apple products, however, besides the fact that their new phones cost almost $1000.00 (crazy…) the watch is about $400, but you'll pay service fees to use it.. yes in most cases its only $10 per month, but apple products have become disposable in about 2yrs. That means that watch will cost you another $240 in 2 yrs… lol

  4. How accurate is the Garmin wrist heart rate monitor compared to chest band models of polar?

  5. Maybe you all could help me. I have had Apple watches since they came out but the main thing I don’t like is they aren’t round, round is more natural to me. However, I have not found a smart watch that will reply to texts and answer/make calls with iPhone other than the AW. I have had the Samsung Frontier S3 and now the Fossil Explorist Q gen 3. Getting frustrated.

  6. The major difference between Apple Watch & Garmin is 99% of people who buy Garmin watch is for serious sports activity (pro athletes, etc) than people who buy Apple Watch for other activities outside of serious sports activities. Pro athletes doesn’t need to check daily news, stock chart during the intense training…over all two companies has totally different marketing target…

  7. Just a quick one for Garmin Fenix 5 Series: why on some Fenix we have red collar on the start buttons and nothing on others? Mine is Fenix 5 Sapphire and does not have the red collar !!

  8. I just wish the garmin had apple pay or samsung pay then id be happy with it anf yea the apple watch can do sprt atuff but not as in depth as ths garmin its water proof but only to a cetain point

  9. Is there a comparison for Fitbit vs. garmin? Trying to decide which to get for my dad. Price plays a big role of course but I’m wanting to know the difference of the functions. I personally have the Fitbit but garmin looks cool for very active people and water sport features. Anything else that I’m missing?

  10. The Samsung Gear S3 eats both of these and its way way cheaper!!!

  11. Hey Riz, nice video. I currently have the AW2 and really like it, but like you said, I’m constantly having to charge it. I dropped it once and the cheap plastic or whatever it is face cracked. I know I could’ve spent a little more and got the sapphire glass, but $400, you’d think for it’s size It would’ve been standard. I just purchased the Fenix 5X and it has its limitations as far as ‘smart’ features, but everything else outweighs the Apple watch 2. As far a fitness watch, the Garmin wins hands down.

  12. Not helping😂. Still can't make decision.

  13. You are talking loads about the fenix and barely at all about the Apple Watch. Here’s the thing, the fenix is for old men, the Apple Watch is for 20yr olds. Seriously my dad has a fenix and I have a Apple Watch series 3

  14. I just took back the Fenix 5 and heres why. The altimeter is WAYYY off, I'm talking at times a 1000 feet! The compass gets stuck in one direction, recalibrate, works for a day or two, then stuck again! Repeat process! Then, I drove 2 hours on highway and it stated I walked 4000 steps!! 4000 steps driving? I might have walked 200 prior to the drive at most. 

    Thought it might be my watch, go look on the garmin forums, theres ONE thread thats SIXY pages long in the fenix 3HR forum about the altimeter messing up with everyone and no fix, STILL to this date, NO FIX. 

    700.00 for a worthless watch and its not just my watch. Yes its built great, yes its much better looking than an apple watch, yes, the battery is great but lets get first thing first, IT HAS TO WORK!

    I just got the apple watch today after returning the Fenix 5 so I cannot comment but so far so good but way to soon to review.

  15. Is that a comparison or a garmin commercial ?! We barelly saw the Apple Watch but now I know everything about the garmin….maybe a bit too subjective don’t you think ?

  16. fenix5 is more expensive than aw2,and the level higher than aw2 i think it is not fair…

  17. sry mate , but before you do a review or before you compare 2 products try to read about them , apple watch has gps+glonas and also it is water rezistent , ip 67 i think

  18. I don't own either… but your video is not factual. Also, you're comparing a $600 watch to a watch half it's price. Totally different animals.

  19. Can you do a comparison between the Garmin Fenix 3 and the new Apple Watch 3?

  20. Apple Watch is better for lifting weights. I use the strong app and love it. I am not into running or outdoor trails. However I do golf, but I found that my laser rangefinder is much better than gps. Personally I do love the look of the Fenix and the battery life is a big plus.

  21. So does the review start after the Garmin informercial or what?

  22. Riz always good to watch you but when comparing please try not to be bias…other than that UR the Man

  23. Stupid comparison. Use cases of these watches are different. Aw – smart watch with sport features, fenix – sport watch with smart features.

  24. First of all u fkn retard they are both have built in gps and glonass and they're both waterproof u spastic.


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