Get rid of Samsung Pay… Again!

Samsung have done it again… A forced tab at the bottom of the screen. Here’s instructions how to get rid of this one!

UPDATE: On some newer devices, you can uninstall it, but S7 Edge users etc can watch the video.

Check out my Smartwatch Faces on Facebook (examples at end of video).


  1. But you HAVE to accept their terms and conditions to even accept this. You can't uninstall it.
    I will never buy Samsung again. It will be a Nokia or Sony with clean Android for my next phone.

  2. I did all of this on my s6 but now keep getting a flag saying the app has unexpectedly stopped working send a report! Nothing I have done seems to get rid of it!

  3. im really angry, i have about 10 forced Samsung apps and 10 forced google apps. Constant shit on my screen. They give themselves permissions such as 'Storage' etc, I deny the permission, I select 'YES I WANT TO REMOVE THE PERMISSION', then i open samsung pay again and it has taken all the permissions back after I MANUALLY REMOVED THEM. yes, you heard it, i deny the permissions then the app puts them BACK ON itself!!!! There is a gray bar at bottom, and samsung pay is appearing in my apps and near my home screen. FUCK YOU SAMSUNG. I am also 100% sure that google is listening to my phone and giving me adverts, as I was in the hairdresser and the customer beside me was chatting about being bald and hair loss for 5 mins. When I got home, I had an advert for hair loss and also an advert appeared on my Tinder messages saying 'Hair Loss? Get ricatine today!'. Then I also chatted about holidays and seen adverts for the location. I HAVE DENIED ALL APPS, I HAVE REMOVED ALL PERMISSIONS, I HAVE DISABLED AND UNINSTALLED, BUT STILL, STILL GOOGLE HAS MY PERMISSIONS AND SAMSUNG PAY SPAM SHIT. FUCK OFF.

  4. Or try using it instead of removing it. Samsung Pay is why I have a Samsung phone. It is freaking awesome.

  5. Samsung hasnt lost me yet…now that i can turn thzt crap off..but…

  6. Hear hear, David. Bye bye Samsung!!! This phone is fine for now (besides that).

    But, they've lost themselves a customer next time I get a new phone because of their bullish tactics. I shall make a point of not using them.

    Thank you so much, David.

  7. Thanks for this mate you're a life saver was doing my fucking head in. Possibly switch to Hauwei for my next phone I think.

  8. are you guys aware that samsung pay is the best ? and im not bias i use google, but after wathing videos on it and how it can use old non contactless units in shops? i never knew that. samsung pay won the best payment system. watch that. it opened my eyes. i was going to get rid of it but now im trying it

  9. Thank you! I got rid of it ages ago but since the latest update I've been struggling! This seems to have worked. Good lad!

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