Google Made Fun Of Apple Products – Even The New iPhone

Google made several jokes about Apple and the new iPhone at its event to show the Pixel 2. They took aim at Apple’s storage problems and its perceived aloofness.

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  1. I don’t know why Apple is not going for a revenge.
    Apple will be more savage
    And they product‘s are Better with design,quality,camera,processor,it’s more secure,easy too use,better then a phone made for gaming,only what I hate on Apple is the freaking price
    And google just gave those people free storage because Someone has nude pic, Then they start masturbate

  2. Now i know why these shit companies are making fun of apple bcz they are jealous….and yes apple is th3 only company which dont make the fun of other companies in their event…

    And yes Apple is the best..
    Apple forever…

    And yes apple event is the best and it has also fun and the google event is like 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

  3. There is no reason to mock apple because they now have the same amount or even less features and flexibility.

    Not a pixel nor an apple fan.

  4. Mocks apple for having notch ,now its own phone has a huge notch with a thick chin as well. Shameless.

  5. this man is dumb, he mocks apple for removing the headphone jack, then does the same thing a year later.

    And the larger iphones have better specs, camera, larger screen, better resolution. It isnt the same as the smaller versions.

    Also, i have 3TB storage with icloud. So storage is no problem.

  6. Mocking Apple was Samsung US' brainchild. It's a tried and tested formula. It's what got Samsung noticed as Apple stood virtually unchallenged for almost 5 years.

  7. Just this little fact that iPhone has got on their nerves and they’re trying to hit it in anyways the got,,
    It means that Apple is already the most successful company on planetz

  8. they said "apple lack of storage while google user used google cloud to store more storage …

    they know that ios also got icloud , google drive , dropbox , oneplus and many more option to store their photo on cloud, right ?

  9. Guys you know the s9+ i saw a video about it.It got dropped from 1000 feet and it survived android phones are more durable then apple phones they actually put their phones to the test unlike apple if you have seen the ads.

  10. Who uses google! I don’t even like google I want apple cellphone

  11. WAIT SO you applefanbois and fangirls watching on Youtube Google Bought youtube so. APPLE FAN BOIS get the hell out of here!

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