Google vs Apple – The Privacy Battle

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Jayce talks about the ongoing privacy battle between Google and Apple.

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  1. I’ll take my nudes out in public over Google and those who use the service using my personal data to try an nudge and force me into what those people think this right.

  2. For doing google better I got that but your picture sealing to a lot company for money. O sorry android microphone and camera work 24/24 hours. Bye google

  3. in the facebook breach android users were far more screwed than iphone users sadly, this is why I am switching back to iphone, even if I love androids.

  4. Durian tastes so good! I miss having it Down Under!

    Anyway in light of the Facebook data scandal I don't see how I can treat tech companies in good faith they will not abuse the data…

  5. "Just because company is collecting and processing your private information, that doesn't mean they are doing anything bad with it". So, tell me, when you are that convinced: "who watches the watchers"?

  6. Can you do an update on this now it's been 2 and a half years? I'm sure your views on Apple being hypocritical on data must've changed.

  7. However, great is google. U will know it when u use cheap smartphones in which from nowhere advertisement pops up even during a call.

  8. If Apple has good security,
    why the hell do i have to answer 3 questions to get into my Apple ID?

  9. I knew it …good to find this …so i tried stupid things with the Google search …i put bad words about facebook inside and i waited until an "identisch "(german word which means almost near but not the same) idea came…funny what all came …but one thing came the hole time in google ranking …HOW BAD APPLE is …always site 1…but i have also to say …i am algorhitm dummie …and i still try to understand it …facebook is a overdosis of this …bahhh i think since 1year -is it possible to put more of such stupid ideas inside Tools and NEWS feed ? Alone the contraat bwtween 2009 and 2017 make me bitter laugh …this deepwater Horizont U Boot is not even anymore to take serious by such a KASPAR Hauser feat Dracula Backround …Spys international …with also Profiles of course …look for an example …BLACKWATER Söldner …and look to Academi on facebook …i guess Germans BND is also there ..which deal wirh NSA …without that anyone from Politkers "knew" this see CCC Chaoscomputerclub 1:1NSA SNOWDEN feat BND Prozess …this is so absurd …the activists used 1:1 the dialoge from Prozess for reconstruction …if you watch until end ..and look to other good CCC Konferenzen (older one was with an EX MI5 Agent) you start maybe to loose your trust in "BRD feat Demokratie" or FAIRNESS inside a State System …i think we sit all in a bad same boot …because KLIMA is giving strong signals from EARTH …that this last 100years were the most bad konsum years EVER …here …since Life exist on earth .. so economy feat technology ? And if it will …we all will gonna to die!….this says also some of a few good Astrophysiker-Philosophen ..Aktivists …but not even one actually except "the Partei" (Martin Sonneborn) are a hope for Germany ….with a lot of Satiriker …which are more actually growing in a serious important good Politik Satire as Goverment has …if you are not an Startup or Selfowner of course… !
    I lost my trust totally ….i can see clear what the Konsum here did …and its dangerous in this Kollektiv Hitler trauma…

  10. The romantic image of a company holding your personal data to yet choosing to not monetise it via whatever means possible out of the goodness of their hearts, is simply wishful thinking and quite frankly disconnected in this day and age. If Google has access to your privacy, it will try to mine it to maximise profit. That’s their business model. That’s how they make money. The crucial difference between Apple and Google is that Google sells advertisement and Apple sells phones. Google always has more incentive to exploit your privacy. Apple does collect user data, but at a much more acceptable level. They add noice into their data, and use end-to-end encryption whenever possible, and value sandboxing so much to the extent that’s slowing down their AI development. Whereas Google outright tells you that they collect your location history data, scans your photos, records anything and everything you do with their services. Google clearly has no respect for their customers’ privacy.

  11. Here is my core problem with google, my information is in my friends address book. Where did google get my permission to have access to my name, address, phone numbers and possibly birth date? Google dose take that information but I never get a choice, Apple does not mine my address book so my contacts have nothing to worry about!

  12. She didn't mean "taste good", she meant "good for your health"

  13. An Android would never be able to eat an Apple and digest it.
    Tim shouldn't try and Cook an Android, we humans couldn't eat the either.

  14. I went from android to apple when the bigger iphone6plus came out. I can't wait to pay this thing off and go back to google when they release the next nexus phone

  15. that's right, all both systems are secure and encrypted from a normal person, not from google or apple, you dumb fucks.

  16. Google and Apple fighting about privacy. I feel like Apple takes privacy more serious than google.
    Google makes money off Ads. Google comes and sells to these ads the information about you. My aunt downloaded an app off android and she began to get information on her email and she was even called by random people from that app…. Even weeks after she deleted them…

  17. Where there's smoke, there's fire. Advertising didn't become Google's main business by accident

  18. My god… I think that durian you had got problem, maybe it's rotten. Come here to Malaysia, I bring you to some sweet and nice durian.

  19. Visited a friend in Jakarta and he tried to convince me durian was actually really sweet and really tasty.  I puked twice after having a couple bites.  Fucking awful…

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